Vinyl Subsonic Filter

Very simple filter to remove rumble from vinyl rips

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0.2 (Updated 7 years ago)
October 15, 2014
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Effect Filter


This is a simple mid-side filter specifically designed to help remove rumble from vinyl rips, but should work well to remove subsonic content from any source.

The side filter is a 2-pole filter configurable from 20-400Hz, with three modes; defaults to 150Hz, Bessel.
The mid filter is a 4-pole filter configurable from 4-40Hz, with three modes; defaults to 15Hz, Butterworth.

Each filter can be muted, allowing the other filter to be heard in isolation.

Version 0.2 is mostly GUI work, with a few tiny under-the-hood changes. There are far fewer meters now, fitting better into my workflow.


Scot Bontrager
7 years ago
Idea and default values from