K-Q-lator v2.3

"music calculator" pocket/offline version ;)

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2.3 (Updated 6 years ago)
October 17, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower


For those who know and use "music tool calculator"
or other similar web pages.

This is a mini musical calculator.
it performs:

-Bpm conversion (hz, khz, ms, sec, note, octave, cents)
-Delay timing conversion (hz, khz, ms, sec, note, octave, cents)
-Time stretch conversion (ratio ,%change)
-Transpose by percentage (bpm, semitone, octave, note, cents)
-Transpose by semitones (bpm, %ch, octave, note, cents)
-Hertz conversion (khz, ms, sec, note, octave, cents)
-Note conversion (hz, khz, ms, sec)
-Note difference (hz, khz, bpm, ms, sec)
-Note Hertz table generator (hz)
-Bandwidth to Q (fq, bw)

New features:
Dj tools (green wheels)
Converts the tone in relation to tempo.
(useful to know exactly what key results from the change of tempo)
Previous & next harmonics links (useful to mix harmonically)
More intuitive screen.
bug fixes results.

Click on the gray text at the top left to select a conversion mode.
Some wheels have two parts (integer, decimal)
Double click on the parts for the reset.
Ability to create snapshots with the set values.

The advantage is that it is small, synchronized with a "host" program .... and most importantly ... no need for internet connection (useful for composing on the road!)


Beshop Dam
6 years ago
really useful !!!
6 years ago
6 years ago