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1.0 (Updated 6 years ago)
November 22, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower


R U Certain is a (semi-)modular Synth designed with the Modular-X framework by Herwig Krass.

The focus of this ensemble is sequencing and (pseudo-)randomization. The basic idea was to "steal" all the cool stuff from the fantastic WEST// ensemble by Icaro Ferre. In the end I only got to "borrow" some of the stuff, before I got sidetracked, so the result has a couple of elements from WEST//, but ended up being quite different.

IMPORTANT: Since a bunch of the patches are self-playing and this tends to go horribly wrong, when using polyphony, the synth is setup to use only one voice. There is a (small) bank with patches designed for polyphonic play and some of the tutorial patches also work well with polyphonic playing. For polyphonic play please click on the top line of the ensemble (Instrument) and then the checkmark on the left column and function. In this menu you can increase the number of voices to your liking.

R U certain contains 5 new modules and modifications/updates for 2 modules:


- USource is a tweaked source of uncertainty from the WEST//. It creates rhythmic pseudorandom modulations.

- Certain? is a slight variation/remix of the USource. Overall it is less random and more predictable.

- Seq-6 is a simple 6 Step sequencer, that is pretty much straight from WEST//.

- Quift is a note quantizer and shifter for keeping all the randomness in check.

- X-P is a module for crossfading (linear) between two sources and/or for panning an output.


- DigiW plays a couple of single cycle waves. The update is designed to improve LFO functionality.

- WURST does a bunch of things. There are four new functions: A midi-clock source, a clock driven sample and hold, a sign function (for PWM,...) and a clock/audio divider.

I tried to do a couple of tutorial (simple) patches for the new modules/functions.


Christian Huygen
6 years ago
Michael thank you for continuing to build and improve these inventive Modular-X building blocks! WURST is one of my favorites.
6 years ago
10 points = 5 stars for you, thanks!