LK's simple Synths

get into basics of sound gen. with understandable synths

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0.61 (Updated 7 years ago)
January 09, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower


complete overhaul, more visual, all synths have alternative, collapsed view,

now containing:

microsynth: 1 multiform osc, 2knob ADSR 1of4 Filter, Delay
minisynth: micro + detunable subosc, phasing, sustain, waveshape, delay brightness
mixsynth: 5 mixable, moveable(phase offset) osc, rest like mini
millsynth: FM basics: 1mod osc, 1 gen osc, 1FM able filter, delay
with switch, master out and visual monitor

will be refined and expanded(mid size FM, granular and modal)
(dualsynth currently in massive overhaul too - will be seperate ens with quad-version)
also presets still missing too, come later


7 years ago
Found these quite useful in some recent prototyping. Nice, simple, functional modules like these are most welcome - as far as I'm concerned. Thanks!