Wavetable oscillator in an "Eurorack" like environment

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January 12, 2015
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MWave-Mod X is a (semi-)modular Synth designed with the Modular-X framework by Herwig Krass. Basically it adds a Wavetable oscillator to a "Eurorack" like environment.

The focus of this ensemble is the MWave module, which is a slightly hacked Version of the oscillator of the MWave 2 Ensemble by Yerry Feldstein:

The Original MWave 2 Credits/References:
Nanowave : Instrument by Uwe G. Hoenig
Waves XT by Jonathan Style
Additional PPG Waves by Evil Dragon
MWAVE II GUI by Yerry Feldstein

Edit: Forgot the credits for the reverb (sorry):
Reverb stolen from the great West// by Icaro Ferre

How to use modular-X:

Modular-X behaves like a classic modular synthesizer. You can connect a bunch of outputs of the modules to a bunch of inputs. There is no distinction between modulation and audio-rate stuff, so strange stuff might happen...

To connect something first click on an output (gray dot). It will blink once, which means it is selected. Next click on an input (light blue). A "wire" should appear and connect those modules.

For more information please check the great documentation that comes with the Modular-X framework. Modular_X framework is here:

The MWave

P: Pitch, massive tune down if nothing is connected for LFO duty

HS, RS: Hard sync (glitches if the wave is modulated), reversing sync (a softer sync with some odd effects...)

FM (next to the selection box: FM input signal goes here.
FM can be linear or exponential. You have a choice between DC-couping, highpass filtering at a few Hz and differential input for both. Experiment...


out: the normal output

sub: squarewave, you can use the div parameter to select the subharmonics.

mix: mix of the other two (use the mix parameter)

Parameters (the first 4 have modulation inputs with attenuators):
* Table: The wavetable, modulating this will lead to jumps in the sound

* Wave: The wave within the table. Modulating that gives you more or less smooth transitions between waves (if there is no other reason for glitches...)

* A/Glch:
. switch off: adjusts amplitude. Modulate for envelopes, RM,...
. switch on: Glitch: Can work as an internal sync, if you select the first wave. Strange/Glitchy stuff otherwise. It actually adjusts the loop lenght (exponential, +-6 should be factor 2, 1/2)

* FM: FM depth


6 years ago
Thanks Michael, I enjoy hours by using yours.
michael lancaster
6 years ago
Thank you for this and all your other Mod-X creations,I loose hours messing with these.Exploration yeah.