crack baby 808

cooked up 808 drumsynth

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1.2 (Updated 5 years ago)
January 23, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower


808 style kick and snare, a noise-crack-clap and a hihat with autoplay

The speed of the hihat can be adjusted with the modwheel (clock has to be running)
Below the decay knob of the hihat are two small fields for amount and speed of randomization of the decay.

New Version (808):
After watching the tutorial by flipmu ( ) and downloading the 808 drum modules from Phuturesqu I made a more realistic simulation of kick and snare, and also included the original 808 noise and impulses from Phuturesqu. The little 808 switches switch between those and the basic Reaktor sound.

very basic and low on CPU

v1.1: some small final changes (...lowpass on kick to avoid strong click in 808-mode), a few basic snaps
v1.2: bugfixing the Clap - randomisation of crackles can be adjusted on B-Panel... and no more phasing when playing SNR+CRK


Wo Wo
1 year ago
Yay. Not downloading.
4 years ago
Wonderful, this and Ampdrum, are now my favourite XOX drumsynths, its sounds "full", punchy, and really cut through the mix....Essential. Great great work, thank you
Matthias Schaffner
5 years ago
keys are now: C,C#(shortened kick),D,D#,E-3
Robin Necron
5 years ago
snares too...will try more,as this is a keeper anyway :)
Matthias Schaffner
5 years ago
thx! happy new year as well! @Robin: you mean with the kickdrum? I also noticed... it's a bandpassfilter, and if the pitchmod is used, it somehow doesn't react fast enough for fast kicks... don't know how to fi it... maybe with separate voices... I also think I should make different keys for different hihat-speeds, so maybe I will update it some time soon...
Robin Necron
5 years ago
fun thing,but in flstudio i notice this : when notes touches eachother they become one note...
5 years ago
.. and a happy healthy new year to Fulda
Matthias Schaffner
5 years ago
trigger keys: C3, D3, E3, F3