"Frank Fox Box" LED Oscilloscope

Logarithmic Oscilloscope

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January 30, 2015
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An XY Oscilloscope that uses a matrix of 100 LED's to display the signal. The display is logarithmic, which gives it SPECIAL panning properties.

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There is a quadraphonic/ surround version that uses four in rotation.

The advantage of logarithmic oscilloscope, over a linear one, is that it is also a level meter.

This provides a great deal more information (in linear, half the display is just 6db of information).

The unit has a signal clip light that comes on at digital full scale.

Whilst not suited to displaying wave forms, this unit is the best way to view the phase information in a stereo signal.

Unlike a conventional XY display, a mono signal does not change angle as it is panned from left to right. Instead the line goes along the bottom, and is then deflected straight up.

This is a property of logarithmic signals in a matrix. Nothing has been done to the signal.

Frank Fox first discovered it working as a mathematician. It wasn't until he talked to an audio engineer about it that he realised that it could be used as a metering system.

He also registered the patents for the prototype/ forerunner of the Rubiks cube.


David Bowring
2 years ago
This is really amazing to see. Frank Fox was my Granddad, and it's nice that you researched him and also knew about his pre-Rubik patent. I have a physical model if you'd be interested in a photo?
5 years ago
Tron radio play .. ah, very well!
5 years ago
Dieter Zobel
5 years ago
cool, thanks