Many Snapshots, Wavetables, Harmonics, Waveforms

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March 27, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower


NB! You can open and close the FX unit in the units headers - sign.

PROGressive by Lars Bo Hermansen.

Over 200 snapshot's in both a "dry" and a effect version. All With Settings for wheels.
Make your own presets in and for your style.
The synth is also capable for different types of sounds than mine, that's mostly in the vintage area as it was the starting point for this synth.

NOTE: I'm not a reaktor builder. Improved versions of this synth are velcome in the UL.

PROGressive is a polyphonic synth with wavetables and harmonics beside normal oscilators based on and a rebuild of the Oxford OSCar tribute OSCore by Steven Bateman, and added/ adapted the wavetable oscilators AKWF by Matthias Schaffner.
Also added eg effects from Carbon 2.
Added different stuff. Some not very proffessionel, but can be used.

PLEASE NOTE that this is not a substitution for OSCore. Please download OSCore too.

Thanks to Steven Bateman.
OSCore - Tribute to the OSCar - link:

Thanks to Matthias Schaffner.
AKWF-Oscillator - Wavetable-Osc with 3400 Waveforms -link:

Link from Mathias - You can download the whole AKWF-package here:

If you need a arpeggiator/ sequencer to complete the ensemble, then i suggest you download from the UL.
The Arpeggio by me is in matching design.
You can find it in the UL here:

Please give me credit if you use my sounds and stuff in anyway.

Kind Regards
Lars Bo Hermansen (LBH) - PROGressive Finished
April 2014.


Sam Mover
4 years ago
Lars Bo Hermansen
4 years ago
Thanks for your kind comments.
4 years ago
That's it, Lars Bo: take things from a library and do a new one! Well done.
Mary Jean-Philippe
4 years ago
Very very good stuff!!!! Sometimes like oldies sounds, i love that!