Arturia MiniBrute

Slim Sized Analog Fatness

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1.3 (Updated 7 years ago)
April 20, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower


Emulation of the Arturia MiniBrute analog synthesizer.

- Six channel oscillator mixer (Sub, Ultrasaw, PWM, Metalizer, Noise)
- Low-Pass, High-Pass, Band-Pass and Notch filter modes
- Brute Factor saturation
- Two ADSR envelopes with slow speed setting
- Bend Range, Vibrato and Glide controls
- Numerous LFO modulation options
- Arpeggiator with Hold, Octave and Swing settings
- 27 factory presets

Note: This is my first finished Reaktor ensemble. There are still some minor flaws. I might fix it in later versions.

Is it monophonic only? - Yes.
Does it sound like the hardware minibrute? - Not really.

Updates in version 1.1:
- Changed: Arpeggiator plays notes in time sorted sequence when set to Hold mode.
- Fix Arpeggiator did output zero-pitch values on release.
- Fix Arpeggiator retrigger problems
- Added Bank2 with 6 more presets

Updates in version 1.2:
- Fix Oscillator tuning
- Added Init snapshot

Updates in version 1.2.1:
- Sound improvement of the Brute Factor
- Small edits to various snapshots

Updates in version 1.3:
- CPU optimization (almost 50% usage reduction)
- Consequently change of the envelopes release/retrigger handling
- Added Legato setting (in view [B])
- Added Gate Source setting [B] (Audio In/Hold/Kbd)
- Added CV modulation inputs and outputs (Gate/Pitch/Filter/Amp)


Marc de Jong
2 months ago
this one sounds pretty good still
F. Fruklushnube
3 years ago
For me a Minibrute sounds a lot better (more resonance) but thanks you for your work anyway
François GUINET
3 years ago
Merci beaucoup !
Dusan Cani
4 years ago
This is FAT as hell ! Thank you.
6 years ago
Birk, thanks for your synth. Spending several hours with it and create a bank full of snapshots for all. Play around with the GUI and load up a sepia one in - enjoy.
6 years ago
Daniel, MiniBrute is a hardware synth by Arturia.
Daniel Hogan
7 years ago
I don't know what a MiniBrute is supposed to sound like but this is cool anyway. Thanks :)
Ukpong Anderson
7 years ago
Josh McCann
7 years ago
Very nice. It's exactly what I have been looking for as far as how the retrig works. I search your ensemble extensively and can't seem to find the section that controls the retrig function. Would you mind pointing me to where it is located within your ensemble?
Damian Easy
7 years ago
This is great... I am really liking it but had a few issues with automation doing random with the filter cutoff. It has a mind of it's own sometimes. Apart from that it is brilliant..
George Ron
7 years ago
Thank you! Great ensemble! Can't get automation to work on the Filter parameter. Tried using Ableton and Logic. Keep up the good work.
Birk Wäsch
7 years ago
You can find a Gate Source setting now in view B. Set it to Hold or Audio In to use the MiniBrute as an effect processor. Or use the CV inputs for some external modulation.
Birk Wäsch
7 years ago
@Adam: Thanks for the suggestion. I originally did not set the macros to mono, because the envelopes did not provided the desired results. But I adapted it now with some changes. Also added the Legato setting, you commonly find in the MiniBrute connection software.
Adam Hanley
7 years ago
Pretty nice. You can make it a lot more CPU friendly by making the audio portion truly monophonic. I did a quick edit you can check out here:
Icaro Ferre
7 years ago
Really nice ensemble! I used a unit delay to feedback the Phone output back into the Audio Input and it sounds pretty cool. Nice work.
Birk Wäsch
7 years ago
Ae you using the latest version (1.2)? It should be perfectly in tune now. Unless you are using the detune knob, the Glide function or some Vibrato/Pitch Mopdulation. At least that's what my tuning meter displays.
Marco Scherer
7 years ago
Hmm... sounds quite strange. Even with only one audible waveform and no effects at all I didn't manage to play it in tune. And the brute factor creates some glitchy artifacts. Hoping for an update fixing these issues as the idea is great!
Phil Durrant
7 years ago
Cheers Birk :)
Birk Wäsch
7 years ago
Thanks for the comments! I updated the oscillator to stay in tune over the keys. I sligthly misinterpreted the F input of the oscillator modules... I recommend everyone to download the new version, unless you like out of tune melodies and noisy arpeggios ;) I might work on the sound in the next versions. Notably the Filter, Metalizer and Brutefactor are not that near to the original yet.
John Maher
7 years ago
Great! I was torn between purchasing this or a Micro, now I have both, thank you very much!
Phil Durrant
7 years ago
Hi Birk, thanks for the upload. Is it possible you could include an INIT Snapshot - lets say a basic Sar Oscillator with no filtering no LFO/Vibrato just a clean Saw with an On/Off Amplitude Envelope. I am finding it hard to tune this with another Synth playing the same notes. If I get a D2 in tune - as an example - then the D4 is way out of tune with the other synth, it is flat. So an INIT patch that is in tune from bottom to top would be great.
Christian Linder
7 years ago
Nice work and good starting point! I love the GUI and your ensemble is very well organized. Thank for this and I hope you will develop it further!
Jaroslaw Iwanoczko
7 years ago
Very nice :)