Tyrion Modular

Modular-X that fits on your screen

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1.1 (Updated 6 years ago)
April 20, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower


Meet Tyrion. He’s small, handsome, talented, and deadly. You could spend hours in his company learning new tricks, and finding out what can go where.

QUICK START GUIDE: In a modular synthesizer, you can connect anything to anything. Go from dark to light: left click an output (dark gray) and then an input (light blue) to create a cable connection. To delete a cable, click on the red input and it will disappear. All connections must be made explicitly: if there's no cable, there's no connection. Control the color of future cables with the CTRL module in the lower right corner. You can also change the transparency of all cables there. One output can control many inputs, but each input can only have one incoming connection.

Please see my other Modular-X ensembles (such as Allegheny Modular) for additional notes and info. The lion's share of the work here was done by Herw and others. Much gratitude to them.

Sometimes bigger is better. And sometimes small is even better than that.

(I apologize for the dearth of patches. I kept meaning to build more, and I kept not doing it. Please amaze me.)