Grainy Slicer update 0.5.2

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0.5.2 (Updated 7 years ago)
April 27, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower


Update 0.5.2
Replaced step sequencer with Peter Dines' Roux
this allows current step marker and is less complicated
Different sample map (both sample maps are VERY LoFi - will add a more modern dynamic map and snapshots to the UL at a later date)
Traditional Reaktor UI - old skool ;)
Second - modulation - sequencer and destinations
More snapshots
Have put version 0.4.1 into the .rar cos its nice and you can get the map out of it for the later one....

there is a short video here:

Update 0.4.1
Better filters - iterative resonant lowpass + TPT hipass
+/- width on resochord effect
Reshaped GUI
Some snapshots added

Step sequenced grainy slicer
Grainy sample map included - best load your own :/
No snapshots


Aidan Morrison
5 years ago
I love this ensemble, but I get some strange behaviour. I can't get the cutoff to map in Ableton. And it resets to Zero (or as low as it goes) when you stop ableton. So, I managed to disable that by turning midi in off. Any idea what might be going on? Many thanks for a great ensemble
Sven Kretzschmar
7 years ago
The white Horse is back from Universe... Great. Thanx
Michael Liebner
7 years ago
Love it!
david elson
7 years ago
@ Frank Kooistra - i think we chatted on the Reaktor users FB page... 0.4.1 isn't significantly different apart from the mod sequencer section... its just in there cos the sample map is different i'll prolly just put the extra mp in next update.... @Paul Amca... i took the sequencer out of Peter Dines' .ens here: and didn't even look in the clock... its a sync input for a group of sequencers... its a better sequencer than the first 0.4 version but i'm thinking on the clock cos i want to expand it with step offsets, skips and multiple triggers on one step and stuff...
7 years ago
David, in the clock is a receive. For what?
Frank Kooistra
7 years ago
Maybe keep 0.4.1 and 0.5.2 as two separate instruments ?
Felix Petrescu
7 years ago
really good. thanks!
yannick Le Déan
7 years ago
Nice one ! simple and ergonomic interface for nice results