Alarm Clock

Alarm clock goes drum machine

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May 08, 2015
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A vintage alarm clock that can be modified to play various rhythmic patterns. It is advisable to start with a blank slate and then start the modifications. Good for minimalist grooves, fun to tinker with.

Components on the circuit board can be added or removed by clicking on them. Potentiometers are for adjusting. Little adjustments can have a big effect. Have fun.


Timur Arynov
1 year ago
I always find inspiration in this little gem, instant glitch rhythms!
Andreas Sandberg
3 years ago
Great fun! Thanks!
Christoph Thompson
4 years ago
@Paule: Thank you again for taking the time to make all the snapshots. "Tscouck tsumm" kills.
Christoph Thompson
4 years ago
I sincerely appreciate all the nice comments, especially by those whose work continually humbles me.
Michael Barker
4 years ago
Andreas Sandberg
4 years ago
Work of a genius! Thanks!!
Dieter Zobel
4 years ago
Ich habe Spass. Thanks.
marco vicari
4 years ago
endless fun!
Phil Durrant
4 years ago
This is brilliant!
4 years ago
Thanks for the lovely piece, there is a snapshot bank (128 presets) for your instrument.
4 years ago
love the gui, great little ensemble
Icaro Ferre
4 years ago
Really fun ensemble :) Great work!
Ng Mui
4 years ago
Big smile on my face
Rick Scott
4 years ago
Great fun! Nice work. :-) :-)
manny lopez
4 years ago
Very cool, thanks...