Modulated Resonators Synthesizer

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1.0 (Updated 5 years ago)
June 08, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower


16 Lfos driving Amplitude and Frequency parameters for 8 resonant oscillators.
This was used originally to sonify and drive phisical motors and laser diodes through OSC for this installation: http://playmodes.com/web/radial/

Originally built for 8 audio channels, it has been simplified in this version to fit a stereo image, although easily modifyable to turn back into multichannel, one oscillator per speaker.

This is a little CPU hungry... 40% in my new retina macbook, sorry for that...


Greg Killmaster
4 years ago
wow, this is so amazing and deep! thank you so much for this. I'll use it a lot!!
Claude S.
4 years ago
Lo que ustedes hicieron es crear un instrumento fantastico. Vi los videos que hicieron. Si algun dia quieren colaborar. mi banda es Anything Box... !!!
Josep Mª Ricou
5 years ago
Gracias Congratulations This is excellent work.
tonino gallo
5 years ago
muy, muy bueno. enhorabuena y moltes gràcies por compartir
santiago vilanova
5 years ago
Thanks for your comments! Moltes gràcies!!! @Mary Jean: maybe recoding the lfo section using a clever voicing system would do the trick... i've been working on that lately for other ensembles and should work... but maybe that's going to take some time... Maybe some reaktor guru can bring some light on how to make this kind of stuff more efficient.. my approach to programming is always very rudimentarious and, although i use to accomplish what i have in mynd, i never get good results in the performance level...
Mary Jean-Philippe
5 years ago
Wow!!! ingenious concept & beautiful sound design.... Probably in my top 3 for this year.... But: Very hungry in CPU!!! (66 hell % in my MacbookPro I5) Please, do something for that (maybe the LFOs?)
Ng Mui
5 years ago
Wow I love this!
Paul Weber
5 years ago
Yo' Santiago! Come si dice "geniale" in Català? :-) Una abraçada!