Audio Core Event Watcher (ACEW) 3.0

Debugging tool for Audio Core Cells and Primary

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3.0 (Updated 5 years ago)
June 10, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower


This is a outdated version and was replaced by ACEW 4.1!

Version 3.0 exists for compatibility to Reaktor 5.9.2 and above.

The manual has not been updated, since 2.0.

***** INFO for REAKTOR 6 *****
ACEW 3.0 is partially compatible to Reaktor 6.
Partially means, all "for Primary" ACEWs, including miniACEW are compatible.
The Core Debuggers are not, except your Core Cell is running in R5 Legacy Mode.

--- ACEW 3.0 does not work in fresh Reaktor 6 Core Cells (non-Legacy-Mode)! ---

I got ACEW working in R6 Core, but due to the new initialization behaviour of core cells at re-init (re-init is not existent in Core anymore...), i need some more time to think about a decision of the ACEW integration. Additionally, some slight facelifting is planned.

ACEW 2.0 still exists in the User Library for combatibility to Reaktor 5.8.0

New Features in 3.0:

- miniACEW -
New in the package is miniACEW. It uses significantly less space on panel, without loosing any functionality.
For fast access (per search field), please copy it into Reaktor´s Macro Folder.

- Touch Scroll -
Shove the Event Window in a Tablet-like behavior

- Shrink table (button "shrink") -
Shrink asynchronous events within the same sample to the most possible left position.
This could provide a better overview, but the visual representation of the event order gets lost! This is shown by "?!" in the Entry row. Correctly "?!" means, that there are several Entrys shown within one column, which is not the case in normal view!

- keep last entrys after reset (knob "keep") -
When resetting ACEW, the last n entrys are kept. Those entrys are overlayed dark grey.
To full reset ACEW, please press reset twice.

Fixes and optimizations since 2.0:

- in comparison to ACEW 2.0, the core compilation time could be significantly reduced when connecting ACEW Core to your structure. This depends on the complexity of your structure and on which points ACEW gets connected.
- receive modules in "ACEW wireless" are snapshot isolated now
- fixed an issue with the scrollbar

Mark, June 2015


Mark Wadewitz
4 years ago
@ Alfonso: Done!
Alfonso Santimone
4 years ago
Hi Mark, many thanks for thhis great tool. Are you goin' to update it to work correctly with Reaktor 6 Core? thanks
5 years ago
many thanks :) shrink table is really helpful and cool
Mark Wadewitz
5 years ago
Thanks Jonathan, i would be interestet in what you (all) think about the usability of the new features.
Jonathan Canupp
5 years ago
This tool is truly essential - I am very excited to discover this update. Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to testing out the new features/improvements.