Sequenced sample deforming machine,

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1.0 (Updated 6 years ago)
June 11, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


based on Traveliser. Thanks to Mr. Hoenig.
Haben Sie Bitte Spass.
didier leboz 2015


Joseph Guisti
5 years ago
No, this works with external samples. Sample maps in Reaktor are not the most intuitive thing, but drag a .wav or .aiff from your computer onto the waveform area, then use the sample select knob to make your sample the one used. The manual goes into more detail about sample maps.
year zero
6 years ago
for internal samples only ?
Olaf Bubel
6 years ago
Vielen Dank*** Great sampler make a lot of fun ;-)
Instrumental Native
6 years ago
Eternal hare is back! Thank you!
Dieter Zobel
6 years ago
The grain distance is softly modulated by the length sequencer. I did not want a controller oversize.
6 years ago
Dieter, a second long track bulit yesterday is here:
marco vicari
6 years ago
so much grain-fun, and easy to use. das i-tüpfelchen wäre ein zusätzlicher sequenzer um die grain distanz zu modulieren.... trotzdem: 5 Sterne
marco vicari
6 years ago
Gracias Senor Leboz!
6 years ago
Danke Dieter!
Phil Durrant
6 years ago
This is great!
Felix Petrescu
6 years ago
another lovely contraption. viel dank!!!