drumsynth for rock drums

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1.4 (Updated 5 years ago)
June 25, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower


AmpDrum is basically 4 standard-808-type-VA-drum-modules with one twist:
Instead of just mixing the main signal with noise, it gets amplitude modulated (/ringmodulated) by the noise.
This produces some nice distortions and more natural sounding Analogue Drums.

Kick and snare both have 3 layers, one body and two noises, the lower noise can bypass the ringmodulator.
The hihat has two layers, one consisting of 6 detuned pulsewaves and noise,
since V1.1: Now with additional TOMs module for 3 tuned toms.

For all 4 modules you can choose the noise type at the bottom.
All modules are also connected directly to individual outputs.

V 1.2 update:
Now fully velocity sensitive and always triggering on note-on (even if no note-off is sent in between), like a drum machine should.
Big thanks to bensonreakt and mosaic_ from the forum for helping me out with the perfect solution for that!

v1.3: changed the midi-mapping for better compatibility with standard midi layout

C3 - Kick
D3 - Snare
F#3,G#3,A#3 - Hihats
F3, G3, A3 - Toms

1.4: another small bugfix for velocity setting of bypassed noise

"vel body" sets the velocity amount for amplitude in general
"vel noise" sets the velocity amount for the noise part in relation to the body


4 years ago
great! thanks!
Solar Shaman
4 years ago
Continued research... This is true machine, brothers =) I'm Happy
Solar Shaman
4 years ago
Especially preset '002 clean' =) Super!
Solar Shaman
4 years ago
Cool sounds! I will this use. Tnx
Matthias Schaffner
5 years ago
István Király
5 years ago
Matthias Schaffner
5 years ago
hear it in action: :)
Icaro Ferre
5 years ago
Great ensemble! I'm a big fan of drum synths and this ensemble does sound very interesting! Thanks for sharing!