Side-Chain Emulation

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1.02 (Updated 5 years ago)
July 09, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Dynamics


Chopper is an amplitude-based Side-Chain Compression Emulation effect with:

- BPM Control
- Selectable Internal/External BPM

- Internal Clock
- Width Control
- Depth Control
- Selectable Sync Source

- Envelope
- Attack Control
- Release Control

- Smooth Control

- I/O
- Input Gain
- Output Gain

- 4-Step Sequencer
- Selectable Step Patterns
- On Switch

- Side-Chain Input
- Selectable Side-Chain Source
- Threshold Control
- Side-Chain Input Meter
- Gain Reduction Meter

It's all the fun of side-chain compression, without the hassle of side-chain compression!

As a note: Internal BPM refers to inside the instrument, and External BPM refers to the project BPM.

Created by
Jonathan Tremblay


Jonathan Tremblay
1 year ago
This is an old deprecated upload. I will no longer be updating this. For a newer utility with better operation, check out:
2 years ago
doesn't sync to daw, has mind of its own
Dylan Johnson
2 years ago
Hi Jonathan, i selected a simple kick drum pattern as a sidechain input but the ensemble isn't reacting to it. i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. thanks
Jonathan Tremblay
5 years ago
Finally got around to making it possible for me to accept donations, you can donate here:
Jonathan Tremblay
5 years ago
v.1.02 -Reworked some of the insides -Cleaned up a bit (GUI/Internal Macros) -Added some features for ease of use
Mary Jean-Philippe
6 years ago
Yes, Simple & Strong concept!!!! If you want to use an other compressor (and others applications), you can convert the Delay time/Bpm here:
Sergio Cuadra
6 years ago
Simple and effective, works as intended.
Jonathan Tremblay
6 years ago
v.1.01 -Fixed Sync with Sequencer -Bumped up the BPM max to 1000 to allow for quick-paced gating effect