Two lonely OSCs listening to radio static in a post-apocalyptic wasteland

Weird Synthesizer

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1.1 (Updated 5 years ago)
July 17, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower


Dear reaktor user community, dear Dieter,

not long time ago i switched my operating system and abandonned my complete software stack including reaktor. Due to a nasty inccident i was also forced to develop a severe G.A.S. concerning a certain kind of modular hardware. Due to this subliminal restraint i fell into an deep maelstrom, was fighting with cockroaches and helped old women crossing the road. In an desperate attempt to save my bank account i finally forced myself back to NI reaktor to build this one tool i wanted to have. I killed this illness once and for all.

I know that touching reaktor again is a totally unaccaptable behavior and therefor i will appologize now publicly.

Dear community, please forgive me. I will never be able to look into my mirrors again.

I am so sorry. RYL!

Changelog - V1.1
- added mod matrix connection to wrap and shape control
- fixed snap isolate on wrap control
- fixed wording
- polished snapshot bank
- added snapshot bank created by salz <3


giona francesco arturo vinti
5 years ago
such a beautiful (sorry, i meant ugly) instrument! thanks!!!!
Pentti Dassum
5 years ago
xlent thank you
Marko Wunderlich
5 years ago
Hello, i will post a new version of this ens completely rebuild using reaktor 6 in a few days maybe weeks. It will feature a sample mangler for advanced xxxtechre grave digging as replacement for the current noobish build "radio", a drawable waveshaper, envelopes inspired by the casio CZ series and other evil stuff. Here is a little demo of what the new complex OSC circuit might sound like:
GG.G SakabeaT
5 years ago
instant "FALLOUT" ambience....
Ville-Pekka Palmgren
5 years ago
What awesome noises, will use responsibly!
Joseph Guisti
5 years ago
Do to severe G.A.S. I find myself downloading your ensemble and others like it, trying to avoid buying something that rhymes with Mookla. Or Heura-slack. This ensemble is absolutely killer and it sounds amazing. Makes me not feel so bad about driving right past the Make Noise store in Asheville last week...
Marko Wunderlich
5 years ago
Thx for the support. Just uploaded a new version that fixes some bugs and adds about 60 snapshots to the ensemble. Have phun.
Jonathan Tremblay
5 years ago
Beautiful. Getting some awesome sounds, generating and what not.
Mary Jean-Philippe
5 years ago
Good concept seed.... :)
Icaro Ferre
5 years ago
"Due to a nasty inccident i was also forced to develop a severe G.A.S. concerning a certain kind of modular hardware." Ha, been there, done that. Thanks for the ensemble! :)
Felix Petrescu
5 years ago
lovely device:) very radiophonic workshopish! welcome back and thank you!
Ng Mui
5 years ago
Is Nice!