Blocks - Building Template

Everything you need start building your own Blocks!

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September 09, 2015
Reaktor 6


Reaktor 6 introduces Blocks — a self contained system that brings the patching experience of analogue modular synthesizers to Reakor.

The Blocks Building Template provides you with all the essential elements to get started building your own Blocks. Including template instruments, panel widgets, core macros, and documentation.

We're looking forward to seeing your creations!


Adam Hanley
1 week ago
Would be cool to have this template officially updated to support new updates to the platform.
Ben Gorena
2 months ago
Hey Team! Is this the latest for Reaktor 6.3, for Front Facing Patching? I wanted to start trying to figure out how to convert Reaktor 6.2 - Reaktor 6.3
Stefan Liehr
5 months ago
Looking forward to!
Steve Knox
6 months ago
Thanks, We can always use the help you offer!!
Richard Boyer
7 months ago
Hey wwoooo did know about this pages
Zakhar Markin
11 months ago
suyanto antv
12 months ago
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Andreas Löwing
1 year ago
Thanks a lot
Marcello Maxenti
1 year ago
Thanks N.I.!
1 year ago
An info would be nice, how to do it or where to get the needed info.
STEVEN george
1 year ago
Really cool thankyou :)
william garvin
1 year ago
I've been wanting this for ages, then i noticed the thanks giving offer and i couldn't resist, well done NI, can't wait to try it out!
pierre-andre soulier
1 year ago
RishiNandha Vanchi
1 year ago
I guess my musical career would start here. Inspiration: Daniel Haver
1 year ago
cool I can't wait to try this!
1 year ago
When I try to open this up it defaults to Reaktor 5 and does not work. Is it just a case of changing the ENS file to open with Reaktor 6 to fix? Thanks
Kirke Godfrey
1 year ago
Are these Graphic Resources Usable in Other devices like KONTAKT authoring?
Samuel Segoua
2 years ago
super funky
Eric Edmoun
2 years ago
florentino cruz
2 years ago
me gusta mucho este programa de reactor yo creo que es de lo mejor muchas felicidades
marti garaughty
2 years ago
Awesome starting for an awesome synth!
Jonathan Tremblay
2 years ago
One for the ages.
cecilia brown
2 years ago
bri holt
3 years ago
Nielsen Sound
3 years ago
Let's work on a new synth
Angelo Liebe
3 years ago
my library tab is not up
Rishab Joshi
3 years ago
Mark Knight
3 years ago
Guys, stop crying about how old your computers are and act like adults. This is the future of sound, not the past.
Nestor Cano
3 years ago
Franck Langsfeld Esq.
3 years ago
FYSA; synthesizers to 'Reakor''.
Patrick Adorati
3 years ago
Imagine a modular synthesizer as the Arturia's Moog Modular V but made with BLOCKS and core cells: probably you need an Intel Core i16 (take a time machine and go to 2078 to take one!) to run a SINGLE INSTANCE of it, and it's not good for Reaktor. Yes, the quality of Reaktor is TOP, but we really need something more CPU friendly. Am I the only one who thinks so? OK for the quality but my dream of a jam made with Reaktor based stuff only is so faaaar, because at this moments it's IMPOSSIBLE (or you use cheap ensembles, or you can't). That's why I have to use VSTs. I'll upgrade mobo and CPU but I'm sure I'll always have CPU problems with Reaktor, and it's sad because it's really the best software stuff out there. When R6 came out, the first thing that a friend asked me was "is CPU use improved?". My answer: "...". I'm so disappointed...these guys only think to make sample libraries and ridiculous stuff as Maschine, where's the REAL N.I. that I loved? Probably gone with S.M ... a Massive v.2? a CPU friendly Reaktor? an Absynth 6? No, they do sample libraries... ahahah
Patrick Adorati
3 years ago
BLOCKS is an awesome standard (I have to say I expected much more from the long awaited Reaktor 6, because BLOCKS is only a way to "pack" things and give them a modular standard... some stacked macros, in fact) that's good for making modular toys. One thing I don't like is that A/B is not enough! I'm creating my first modular wavetable synthesizer using BLOCKS and I had to build a sort of matrix to add more modulators... why not a native A/B/C/D ? Have to do it by yourself. Another thing I don't like is the knob arranging on the panel, it's so....brrrrr SCARY and horrible! You loose too much ime with this knobs, a NEW KIND of knobs (and NOT a combo of devices for a knob) would be much better! And do we have to talk about CPU? I hoped a CPU optimization in this fact my simple modular synth (that in a normal ensemble would be at 8-9% of CPU max) is at 20%. I tried the factory BLOCKS on a dual core....THEY'RE IMPOSSIBLE TO RUN A SINGLE NOTE FOR THE OVERLOAD, and they're ALL simple stuff! What's the matter N.I. ?? We waited for reaktor 6 for sooo loooong, and now we have a Reaktor 5 with a new GUI and only bit more! I dreamed so many features that I expected a MONSTER, and we have not so much more than v.5. WE WANT STEPHAN SCHMITT BACK.... probably with him the things would have been very different! The worst thing is the CPU.... I have to use TONS of ensembles but simply I CANNOT. You need NASA computers to make things that I can do with a Pentium 3 and VSTs, come on!
Matthias Schaffner
3 years ago
ok, it seems it's actually in the manual, should have read that... :) Probably need to learn a few things to make blocks, but it's a great system!
ae ae
3 years ago
Thank You NI
Matthias Schaffner
3 years ago
Where can I find a tutorial on how to customize the displayed knob ranges? I want to make a simple knob from 1 to 128 and can't find out how to do it... the multi text display is a riddle and i also can't find anything about how the signal flow for panel elements in blocks works. Please add some examples for different knob ranges and explain somewhere what is going on, I don't want to spend hours of learning to create a knob.
Efflam Le Bivic
3 years ago
Important tip : once you have pasted a knob macro in a new instrument, if you want to move it around you cannot simply drag it around in the unlocked panel or you will break it into parts. You need to select the macro in the structure, then put the focus on the panel by either clicking the empty area of the panel breadcrumb or using TAB, then use arrows to move the - still looking selected in the structure - macro around.
Enrico Cosimi
3 years ago
delicious. I cannot wait to start the upgrading process
Michael Hetrick
3 years ago
Thank you for this excellent starting toolkit! It helped with the construction of my first Block. Some feedback: It's not too hard to copy-paste the controls that you want and plug them together in Core. However, dragging the elements around on the panel and trying to get them to have the alignment you want is hugely problematic. For instance, the pre-built knobs don't group together unless you put a frame around them. Turning off the frame changes the positioning. Editing labels in these pre-built control sets is a structure-diving nightmare. For instance, the radio label buttons are about five or six layers in, and you have to edit two separate labels that are on different layers from each other. I'm really hoping that the panel-designing aspects are a priority for the next few Reaktor updates.
James Thomas
3 years ago
This is Crazy Ish!!!
3 years ago
3 years ago
A 'must-have' download!