Block - Frequency Shifters 1.3

Frequency Shifter with split sideband outputs

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1.3 (Updated 4 years ago)
September 10, 2015
Reaktor 6
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Disclaimer: Be careful with volume levels when using this Block. Consider adding a limiter after it! Feedback can lead to dangerous amplitude spikes.

1.3: Added automation labels to all parameters.
1.2: Fixed weird modulation indicators. Added hard limiter to split-feedback shifter.
1.1: Added a "fixed" shifter that works with expected feedback behavior. Kept the old split-feedback machine as well and created a bundle.

The second module in Michael Hetrick's "Euro Reakt" series brings a classic effect to the Block modules. This frequency shifter uses the Rounds/Bento frequency/FM core in combination with a number of flexible modulation destinations. Combine it with TZ FM for some amazing space sounds.

NOTE: This package comes with two shifters, each with unique feedback behavior. "Frequency Shifter" uses an unusual split feedback technique that sounds bassy and aggressive, but only shows up on the Mix output. "Frequency Shifter (Fixed)" uses a full-path feedback technique that sounds more like an actual frequency shifter and appears on all outputs. "Fixed" has correct negative feedback. I will work to combine these two blocks into one larger block with a feedback-type switch, but that will take some time. For now, enjoy the different flavors!

Future upgrades:
-Negative frequency selection.


jack zade
1 year ago
Nick Petty
3 years ago
After watching your Native Session, could you explain what audio interface you are using and what expert sleepers modules?
ae ae
4 years ago
Thank You Michael
Adam Jay
4 years ago
This is great.
Phil Durrant
4 years ago
This is indeed fantastic!
Christian Linder
4 years ago
I love this Block! Thank you Michael.
Jay Scott
4 years ago
Love it Thanks!
jason corder
4 years ago
this sounds lovely!
neil rosson
4 years ago
very good thank you.
Michael Hetrick
4 years ago
Okay, feedback is fixed. I've added two shifters to the download package. One has traditional feedback routing, the other has the weird one that I initially implemented. The weird one sounds cooler with FM, but the traditional one is a "correct" frequency shifter.
Michael Hetrick
4 years ago
D'oh! Just realized why the negative feedback sounds funny. Fixing it now...