Bento LFO - Synced

Bento LFO with sync option

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Mete Atam
1.0 (Updated 4 years ago)
September 13, 2015
Reaktor 6
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Added tempo sync option to Bento LFO


Dave Munger
12 months ago
This doesn't seem to work anymore with the latest version of Reaktor, when trying to use it within a DAW. It appears it can only be loaded as a standalone block, and doesn't work with other blocks?
Silent Noise Productions
2 years ago
Thank you, I wanted the midi sync. I see people below are stating A/B modulation isn't working, but I haven't tried that as I'm strictly using it as a modulator in my ensemble and not modulating the LFO further
boba fett
2 years ago
A/B modulation doesn't seem to be working for the frequency control. Confirmed
David A
3 years ago
A/B modulation doesn't seem to be working for the frequency control
Deniz Eren
4 years ago
when I route MOD A/B to Modwheel output, it does not seem to modulate full range only half range? This only happens when on Sync mode and not Free mode. Has it something to do with that the sync has too many choices?
heinrich zwahlen
4 years ago
i was certainly missing that in the original, thanks.
boba fett
4 years ago
This is awesome! Could you please modify the Clock block to have a reset input? Im shocked that there is no way to set a tempo, and then restart it with each note. Would be hugely helpful for retriggering the sequencer for example.
unknown O
4 years ago
Many thanks!
ae ae
4 years ago
Thank You Mete
Matt Cellitti
4 years ago
Could not believe this wasn't included in original. Now I have to replace with this unit in a ton of patches....:/
neil rosson
4 years ago
haha yeah not sure if i prefer them to add more to the factory content or maybe they just left holes for you talented guys to fill.
Ng Mui
4 years ago
Surprised must be an understatement, I'm shocked!
Daniel LeGrand
4 years ago
Was surprised to see it wasn't an option in the factory version. Thanks a million!