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4 voice polyphonic patch

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September 14, 2015
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Quick example of how to use 4 voice split Block to make polyphonic patches.

*Updated to include newer version of 4 voice split.

*Warning Unison mode is immensely phat, and your life will be changed forever!


vincent vizcaya
3 years ago
this polyphonic thing in blocks its very hard, I don't understead anything
jonathan stevens
3 years ago
fantastic thank you
Jamil Samad
5 years ago
Awesome Block and awsome patch ! nice one
Alan Miles
5 years ago
Thank you David.
5 years ago
Much appreciated.
Lars-Erik Johansson
6 years ago
Oh this is a great one!
Christian Kutschka
7 years ago
great thanks!
richard warriner
7 years ago
Bloody Brilliant - really sounds good and yes tweak each differently and some lovely pads thanks
_ _
7 years ago
It's nice programming slightly different sounds for each voice. Great work here, and thanks for the (first?!) implementation of polyphony in Blocks!
Didier Debril
7 years ago
Thanks for this block.
Nico Steckhan
7 years ago
Poly Works nice! Like my DSI Tetra... :)
Stephen Wey
7 years ago
Thanks for this, very useful - of course swap the oscs and filters for Monark ones (and route the FM) and you have Polymark ;)
Christian Huygen
7 years ago
David thanks for building a cool new Block AND putting up an example patch to show how it can be used.
Efflam Le Bivic
7 years ago