Mise Sequencer

Multi-instrument 24 channel sequencer.

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2.4 (Updated 1 year ago)
September 23, 2015
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sequencer


Monophonic sequencer for multiple instruments.

Pitch, Gate, Hold, and a Modulation controller on each channel.
Supports triggering by trig / roll button, or by midi.
Quantization, quantized graphical editing, and direct draw into channel memory.
Uses patterns and pattern sequences - the songish block.
Copy-paste / clean function.

24 channels, powered individually.
Classic Reaktor look, made in primary with as clean as possible design structure.
Contains only control-rate modules, CPU usage is 0.1% on my i5.

Getting started:
The sequencer itself does not produce any sound, only MIDI and OSC control signals.
In the instrument structure, goto channels, and channels view, you will find instruments 01..24.
Use these virtual output modules to connect to your MIDI, OSC or Internal connection instruments.

On the top, we have the channel selector. The yellow square indicates which channel is selected for view and editing.
The colored led is clickable, each channel can be set running or not running either by clicking on the LED, or by internal/external connections.
Each channel has a switch, so each channel can be powered on or off.

So the top color bar and the yellow squares are clickable and will select a channel, that will be displayed in the Channels View window. Each channel is playing back a pattern, that can be set manually (pattern 1..16) or externally - the selector is the button on the bottom of the Pattern window.
Each Channel is playing back a certain length in bars, eg 1/4 .. 32/48
Options to edit a channel's sequence Pitch-Gate-Hold or Mod values:
- By editing the editable memory display directly.
- The blue-white quantized parameter.
- using the Trig/Roll block
- by MIDI using the 4 filtering levels set on the left.

The first three use the red-yellow-blue and purple input parameters, that can be modulated by lfo or external source.
Channel patterns have a copy-paste / clean block.

There are a couple of tools to extend the functionality of this further, you find them under my uploads. Tempomat, Xone:K2, Barcode, Tessitura, Bermuda, ...
This is only the Sequencer instrument itself.


István Király
1 year ago
The new version has improved channel selection handling.
István Király
5 years ago
Updated the instrument - and extended the descriptions.
Greg Killmaster
5 years ago
I'm sorry to ask, but I can't figure out how to hook this up. Looks great and useful!
andreas haun
5 years ago
try it tonit
ae ae
6 years ago
Thank You István