Block - Hammy Osc & Scanner

Drawbar oscillator and chorus scanner

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September 26, 2015
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This contains two blocks. The first is an oscillator that mimics the harmonics and drawbars of a Hammond tonewheel organ. The second is an effect that mimics that organ's chorus scanner.

The blocks are included in a simple ensemble that demonstrates them.


Matthew Nicholson
3 years ago
Thank you Chet, I've been following you since the NMG2 days. I appreciate your continued work.
Chet Singer
4 years ago
OK, I'll make a block of the exciter.
4 years ago
Thank you for these. I was wondering about the exciter as well.
Bryce Upright
4 years ago
Awesome Block....just modulation the harmonics yields dopeness. Thank you.
4 years ago
I would like to see Aural Exciter as a Block effect as well.
ae ae
4 years ago
Thank you Chet