Midi Polyphonic Expression (MPE)

Block receiving MPE messages for 8 voices

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1.0 (Updated 7 years ago)
September 27, 2015
Reaktor 6


This block receives standard MPE messages for up to 8 voices (channel 2-9) over midi.
It then outputs Pitch/Gate/Y (Timbre)/ Z (pressure) for each voice on a separate output.
Note: just like a modular synth you will need to create a voice chain for each voice.


Rulgert Ghostalker
5 years ago
hey...how about the new LinnStrument 128, eh? i have Reaktor 5 &6 but i am a very topical user yet..leaning new stuff always sticks better with me if it's application specific...i was happy to have this pop up on a MPE search...thank you, it's a place to start....but i think i need to have the MPE controller right in front of me before i am going to take the plunge....if anything is going to kick me into deep Reaktor work, it's going to be spending a grand on a 128 :)
Bruno Afonso
5 years ago
Hi Mark, Very nice block. I'm using it with a continuum and decided to look for something before I started to hack my own... and found it! :) Are you considering expanding it? I can think of several things that could be useful such as pitch bend range and whether or not to send gate depending on a velocity threshold.
Harald Pliessnig
6 years ago
would this work with my seaboard grand without this instabile "polytru"?
John Wise
6 years ago
I'm new to Modular as of yesterday and have fallen in love with Blocks and owning a Roli Rise really has me wishing for MPE to come to Reaktor. Finding this I thought, "There's hope" and then I downloaded it and see that I have no clue how to do a thing with it. Maybe a tutorial or an Ensemble with it already integrated could be shared?
Rob Roff
6 years ago
Would it possible to use this in mono mode? I'd like to get the benefit of the XYZ mode using mono patches. thanks!
Bob Schrei
6 years ago
has anyone created a patch with this yet? Mark, any example ens. ?
ae ae
7 years ago
Thank you Mark