Block - Voltage Controlled Gates 2.0

CV-Addressable Gate Sequencer for Complicated Rhythms

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2.0 (Updated 5 years ago)
September 27, 2015
Reaktor 6


Update 2.0: Whoa! There were a ton of bugs with the counting logic. For instance, if you were resetting on gate 4, a little impulse would still creep out of gate 5 before the reset (this was true of all gates). This also fixes the "Trigs" output to be much more accurate. The Stages knob now correctly addresses Stage 8. It now stops at the Max value as expected. Etc. etc. etc. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT EVERYBODY UPGRADES TO THIS VERSION, HENCE THE VERSION BUMP.
Update 1.1: Sorry for the quick fix. Gate and Reset lamps now stay on for the duration of a gate as well. The Imp-To-Lamp macro has been upgraded for inputs of all lengths.

This is the 12th Block in Michael Hetrick's "Euro Reakt" series.

This is a modulation-addressable step sequencer, based on the "Dig. Out" section of the Doepfer A-152, but with a few bonus features. The "STAGE" knob will select the currently active gate, while "STEPS" determines the length of the sequence. Individual outputs can be muted.

This is an excellent Block for creating polyrhythms and more complicated trigger streams and patterns. An included ensemble will help you get started.

Note for Builders: This Block contains some macros that may be useful to you, including some bug fixes for the standard library. As an example, the "Gate" and "Reset" lights were taken from the 8-Step Block. The lights on the 8-Step Block react fine to incoming gates, but not to impulses. The Imp-To-Lamp macro in here ensures that all impulses and gates are visible. "Counter2" is an advanced-logic step counter that doesn't rely on integer modulus operations. It can count up to an arbitrary integer and reset to an arbitrary integer. It will keep track of internal and external resets, and route both to a single input. This worked way better than the Clock macros included in the Blocks template.

Panel Controls:
GATE - Manual Trigger and indicator.
RESET - Manual Trigger and indicator. Resets clock to "STAGE" or "STEPS," whichever is lower.
STAGE - Manually select the currently active gate. If STAGE is higher than STEPS, STEPS will be selected. Changing the STAGE knob automatically triggers a reset.
STEPS - Determines the highest active gate. If set to 6, for example, Gates 7 and 8 will be skipped.
M Column - Mutes the selected gate. This gate will not be skipped. Rather, its G output will not go high, nor will it contribute to the "Trigs" output.
Indicators - Large square indicates currently active step.

GATE: Advances the counter by one.
RESET: Resets the counter to "STAGE" or "STEPS," whichever is lower.

G1-G8: Gate outputs for individual steps. Remain high while the step is selected.
Trigs: Generates an impulse whenever a non-muted step is selected.
Reset- Generates an impulse whenever a reset event occurs (whether from the panel, externally, or from the counter reaching max).


Artem Moroz
9 months ago
Thank You VerY MUCH!!!
Michael Hetrick
5 years ago
Wow, so the 1.1 version was riddled with bugs. I think, somehow, an old version of the Clocker2 macro made it into the file that was posted. I'm not really sure what happened there. Regardless, this new version should be much more accurate. Let me know if you run into any weird behavior.
5 years ago
Great Block! Love it!
Christian Huygen
5 years ago
Really appreciate your helpful descriptions too, and the fact that you place them within the blocks themselves as well.
Christian Huygen
5 years ago
Jay Scott
5 years ago
Thanks Michael
ae ae
5 years ago
Thank you Michael , I agree with all the comments below. Your shares are indispensable works of art to say the least.
andreas haun
5 years ago
++++++++++++++++++ 1 !
Bryce Upright
5 years ago
I agree with Daniel ... Your Blocks are very timely and really opening up options at this early stage in the Blocks world. Thanks so much Michael!
Michael Hetrick
5 years ago
Thanks Daniel! I just pushed a quick fix for anyone interested in my macros. The Imp-To-Lamp macro now behaves properly for all inputs, whether gates or impulses. I'm going to update the Comparator Block to have this lamp now as well.
Daniel LeGrand
5 years ago
We're so lucky to have you here Michael. Thanks for all these amazing blocks you have provided us with