Blocks - Crackle and Dust

Two colorful noise sources from SuperCollider

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September 28, 2015
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Two more Blocks in Michael Hetrick's "Euro Reakt" series! After a few very complicated sequencing and logic Blocks, these are two simple, versatile noise sources adapted directly from SuperCollider's source code (

Dust is a re-implementation of SuperCollider's excellent Dust and Dust2 opcodes.

Dust randomly generates impulses with random heights. At low densities, it will sound like vinyl crackle or small artifacts. At higher densities, it turns into a white noise source.

A UNI/BI switch allows you to create unipolar impulses, which are useful for triggers, or bipolar impulses, which are more useful for audio noise. I've included an ensemble to demonstrate how to create chaotic grain streams by combining Dust with my Low-Pass Gate Block.

Crackle is a re-implementation of SuperCollider's Crackle uGen. 0-0.5 on the CHAOS knob will produce a pleasant hiss with color variations.

Unlike the SuperCollider uGen, this Block features a limiter in the feedback path, meaning that it doesn't blow up into infinity values. As a fun side effect, at around 0.6, things will start to go nuts! This implementation also features a DC-Blocking filter on the output, so it's much better for your mix. I've included and ensemble to demonstrate subtle morphing of Crackle's CHAOS knob, which ends up sounding a bit like a more experimental Raster-Noton release.


Artem Moroz
2 years ago
Thank You VerY MUCH!!!
Paul Weber
7 years ago
This block is totally dope. Best "secret sauce" to obtain BOC tones from the Monark OSCs (see Pierre Frappaz' excellent ensemble)!
Bernd Schurer
7 years ago
ross healy
7 years ago
Thanks Michael!
Michael Hetrick
7 years ago
I should add that these sound particularly fantastic in stereo. Both ensembles really demonstrate this strength.