Block - Flip Flop 1.0

Toggle Switch and Boolean S+H

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1.0 (Updated 7 years ago)
October 02, 2015
Reaktor 6


Another Block in Michael Hetrick's "Euro Reakt" series, continuing the focus on advanced sequencing.

A multi-purpose clock and gate utility. Flip-Flops are frequently combined with Boolean Logic gates to create complex, generative patterns and events. This Block contains both a Flip-Flop T and a Flip-Flop D.

There are two inputs, GATE and DATA. GATE is important for both Flip Flops. DATA is important only for the bottom Flip Flop.

FFT acts like a simple toggle switch. Every time it receives a clock, it flips its current state (on or off). If it receives a steady clock, it can be thought of as a simple clock divider. It has many other excellent use cases, though! For instance, you can have it react to a button or key press and act like a latch (so that you don't need to continue holding the key).

FFD acts like a true-or-false Sample and Hold. Whenever the GATE input goes high, the current state of the DATA input will be written to FF2. It will continue holding this state until another GATE is received.


Artem Moroz
1 year ago
Thank You VerY MUCH!!!
giona francesco arturo vinti
7 years ago
theorically wouldn't it be possible to replicate the behavior of an analog shift register cascading two or more flip flops using their data out\in? tried to patch it today but no results,my assumption is wrong or am i missing something?
Christian Huygen
7 years ago
If you put 3 or more of Michael's Blocks into an ensemble, it becomes sentient. Tread carefully. [g]