Modular X with the Linnstrument etc.

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1.1 (Updated 5 years ago)
October 05, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower


New in V1.1: There is an additional 14bit Version for Linnstrument users. With this version and the OS 2.0 you can switch loudness to 14 bit mode (with CC11) and you should get finer control for the pressure. You might occasionally still get clicks from the limited update rate, but playing feels a bit smoother (very subtle difference, not 100% sure if I would catch it in a blind test, but I like it better).

MultiExp is focused on the great new multidimensional Controllers. All presets are done on the Linnstrument, but you probably will find it useful with the Seaboard, the Continuum, etc.

It is is a (semi-)modular Synth designed with the fantastic Modular-X framework by Herwig Krass:

Make sure you feed it Midi on multiple channels (e.g. by using the multichannel mode of the Linnstrument). On each channel you get separate gates, pitches (with adjustable pitchbend range) from the miniBrain (right side) and additionally the note pitch (without pitchbend), the velocity, the pitchbend, the modwheel and the aftertouch for each note from the MultiExp (top left). It uses channel aftertouch, since it uses a tiny bit less midi bandwidth and we have a separate channel per note anyway.

IMPORTANT: Some of the modules have connections normaled to the normal Midi inputs. Those will behave strange if nothing is connected, so make sure you connect all your pitches and envelope triggers (The miniBrain envelope should be fine).

The Synth is set up to receive up to 16 channels. If you want to reduce CPU, reduce the nuber of channels you send on on your controller and reduce the number of voices. Voice shifting (e.g. using channels 5-12) is not possible at the moment. Please use rechanneling on the Midi side if you need that...

The multi channel input is stolen from the Roli Seaboard Aggregator by Clebert Suconic:

I also threw in the modified input macro for more channels, multichannel modwheel etc.


Rob Roff
5 years ago
I can't seem to load this. It crashes every time. Using Reaktor 6 on windows as VST.
John Wise
5 years ago
Thanks for this little gem. Wish I'd learned of this a year ago as I've been wanting to play with an MPE enabled instrument in Reaktor forever.