4 Phaser effect

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0.2 (Updated 6 years ago)
October 08, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower
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4 Phasers + filters, 4 sweepers, lots of ways to route the sound.

Someone left a comment on one of my other ensembles months ago that I hadn't noticed until yesterday. I decided "why not?" and started throwing it together. This is early days. Still needs some filters and a lot of UI work. But the sound is starting to come together. Uploading to see if there is interest in going forward.

No UI work done yet. Only a handful of snapshots. It isn't the easiest phasor to use, but it really munges up the sound. I'm not sure I like my phasor core yet, but I'll keep playing with it as I have time.


Scot Bontrager
6 years ago
Greg: I never use randomize so I don't know what exactly it does. I'd highly expect, given the super-flexible routing of this instrument, that you are getting some wicked feedback loops doing that. So I'd recommend not using the randomize. That said, I do have shapers in each of the phasor cores (and other places too), which should /help/ squelch those wicked loops, but it won't kill completely if you drive things too hard. One of the patches kept feeding back and killing the engine when I tried it with overly-loud loops, I kept trimming it down until the problem went away. Use the trim knob in each phasor. I put those level meters in for that very reason :)
Greg Killmaster
6 years ago
Hi Scot, I've got some weird stuff happening here. When I randomize, often I get an extremely loud squelching screech and then its like the audio engine shuts down and I have to re-open the ensemble. Nearly blew my ears out. Looks like level are maxing to the extreme. Just thought I should mention it...
Robin Necron
6 years ago
yes please continue :)