Block - Drum 1.0

Flexible triggered drum source

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1.0 (Updated 7 years ago)
October 10, 2015
Reaktor 6


Another Block in Michael Hetrick's "Euro Reakt" series!

This is a triggered drum source. It has a fairly simple signal path, but the ability to receive modulation and process external signals turns this into a percussive brain for your Reaktor patches.

One trigger activates three envelopes: Oscillator amplitude, Noise amplitude, and Oscillator pitch. All three are simple decay envelopes with nearly instant attack.

The left half is the Oscillator. This uses the Bento Box core. The right half is a dual-mode noise source and multi-mode resonant filter. In the center are mixing controls.

Many inputs and outputs are provided, meaning that this can be used for much more than a drum source!

GATE - Triggers the Drum.
Pitch - Standard pitch input when Keyboard mode is on.
FM - External FM
EXT. IN - Optional replacement for internal oscillator
NOISE - Optional replacement for internal noise source (pre-filter)

OUT - The final drum sound will appear here.
NOISE - Noise source, unfiltered.
OSC - Internal Oscillator
OSC ENV - Amplitude envelope for internal oscillator
NOISE ENV - Amplitude envelope for noise source
PITCH ENV - Pitch envelope for internal oscillator


FM - FM Amount for internal oscillator. Has three modes: Exponential, Linear, and Linear thru-zero.
INT/EXT - Replaces the internal oscillator with the signal at the EXT. IN input.
DECAY (Bottom Left) - Envelope length for the oscillator's pitch envelope. The depth of this envelope is controlled by P. ENV.
PITCH - Big blue knob. Controls coarse and fine tuning. Switch to enable Keyboard Mode is on the top-right. When using an external input, this controls the sampling rate of the input.
WAVEFORM - Internal oscillator's waveform. When using an external input, this will wavefold the input.
DECAY - Envelope length for the oscillator's amplitude.
LOG - Logarithmic envelope. Very long initial sustain.
LIN - Linear envelope. Even rolloff from 1 to 0.
EXP - Exponential envelope. Very rapid die-off from maximum value.

XFADE - Crossfade between the noise source and the oscillator.
OUT - Main output level. Does not affect NOISE or OSC outputs.
x1/x2 - Chooses how loud the output can get.

DECAY - Envelope length for the noise source's amplitude
COLOR - Changes the tone of the noise source. When using an external noise source, this will affect the sampling rate.
LFSR - Low frequency shift register noise source. Useful for raw digital sounds.
WHITE - White noise source. Much brighter sounding.
INT/EXT - Replace the internal noise source with the signal present at NOISE input.
CUTOFF - Controls the cutoff of the filter.
LP/HP/BP - Choose between Low-Pass, Band-Pass, and High-Pass filters.
RES - Resonance of the filter
F.ENV - Controls how much the cutoff of the filter is affected by the noise amplitude envelope.


Artem Moroz
2 years ago
Thank You VerY MUCH!!!
4 years ago
amazing bro !
Michael Fitzsimmons
6 years ago
Getting some excellent snare sounds out of this one! Nice one :)
Alessandro Ramella
7 years ago
amazing thanx
Mark Williamson
7 years ago
Bit of a corker this one! loving it. Hopefully the patch I'm working on at the moment will turn into a track and I'll post you a link
Christian Huygen
7 years ago
Great block and great ensemble. Very inspiring.
Michael Hetrick
7 years ago
Another note about that patch: for really fun lo-fi string tones, try out the Karplus-Strong wavetables on the Microwave. That sounds especially good when it's smacked by an exponential Drum envelope.
Michael Hetrick
7 years ago
One of my favorite patches with this at the moment: -Add Sandy Small's Microwave Oscillator to your patch. -Plug it into either Drum's Noise or Ext In input (Noise is you want filtering, Ext In if you want wavefolding). -Plug Drum's envelope outputs into Microwave's Mod inputs. -Modulate the Microwave's Table via the Drum's envelope. You'll be able to get all sorts of physical sounding percussion, along with a lot of glitchy tones (especially with Drum's sample crusher).