Novation A-Station Control

Controls All Aspects of the Novation A-Station

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2.4 (Updated 3 years ago)
October 12, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


Version 2.4 adds a dropdown menu for all three oscillators and the 64 possible combinations. After a few emails with Novation tech support and an explanation of "packed parameter" it was made clear that MIDI CC #70 controls all three oscillators. This was the source of the oscillator cross talk in previous versions. Now solved. There is now no need to reach out and navigate the A-Station besides to send SYSEX dumps for saving patches. I've played with and composed with this during the past week and this addition of oscillator select completes the editor.



Brian Holloway
1 year ago
Sérgio, this works best in stand-alone as opposed to the plugin. Ableton strips the SYSEX data. As a work around (yet somewhat convoluted), you could enable the Virtual Inputs in Reaktor then send data from Ableton midi track out to Reaktor.
Sérgio Santos
1 year ago
Hello Brian! Thank you! This is awesome! I can finally use more of my A-Station. Just one question, is it possible to automate the knobs on ableton? I'm having issues trying this with reaktor 6 and Ableton 10. Nothing appears on automation lane. Thank you! Sérgio
Peter De Koning
3 years ago
Great stuff. Thanks a lot.
Brian Holloway
3 years ago
Hi Kevin. Sorry for the late reply. Open Reactor Audio and MIDI settings and go to the MIDI Outputs tab. From there under the "Status" column enable the port that your A-Station is connected to. From there just make sure your sound card is set up to the proper audio input channel that is fed from the A-Station and you should be good to go. I wish this site set an email when a comment is left so I'd know and respond in a more timely fashion. Cheers.
Kevin Long
3 years ago
Hi Brain, Thanks for you hard work on this. The panel looks like it has loads of potential. I'm trying to get this to work, but I can't get it to output any midi. Are there any settings I need to change in reaktor in order to get it to do this? I am using presonus studio one. Other Reaktor sequencers I've used have output midi to the A-station no probs so that's why I think it may be a setting in your creation. Of course I may be wrong. Any ideas? Thanks...
Brian Holloway
4 years ago
Thanks Eric! I appreciate the enthusiasm. Check out version 1.4, as I have eliminated the oscillator cross talk where adjusting the wave shape of let's say OSC1 changed OSC2 as well. That was fixed in V1.4. Effects section coming soon.
Eric Allen
4 years ago
Brian you are my hero. I purchased a rack model of the A-station for a steal years ago, but with all of the hidden functions within submenus, not to mention acronyms that never stuck in my mind due to rare usage, the unit sadly became a dust collector. I've contemplated building a dedicated controller module for it in Reaktor but never had the confidence or patience to pursue it further. This is the first time I've hopped on the user library in ages and this ensemble magically surfaced on the very first page with a shiny halo around it. As soon as I get a chance to get my A-station out of storage I will be exploring this ensemble and will be more than happy to share my experience with you. I may not have messed with this yet but I'm going to preemptively state fantastic work duderino! :)