euclidean percussion sampler

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0.6 (Updated 4 years ago)
October 27, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


euclidean percussion sampler featuring dual euclidean sequencers, each with granular sampler
euclidean stuff:
Martin Wood-Pitrovski, Benjamin Kilchhofer and someone lost....

there is a bug
visualisation does not always display the number of hits correctly
don't know why...

v0.6 added MIDI out


Robin Necron
1 year ago
not opening in 5.9.4, while up to date...
x x
2 years ago
works great...want to try start play on note and adding PAN and FX per Out put...anny suggestions? cheers. BTW. Reaktor is a evergreen, u will find out every time ideas and functions, doesnt matter how old it is...thank you NI
lesly remy
3 years ago
Does not load in R5.
4 years ago
Thank you David Elson I greatly appreciate it! There may be an issue with the Midi though... The samples still work great, but the midi sometimes triggers 2 notes. (Is an on/off thing?) The 2nd note is always C2. I really don't how to explain what's going on. Try it at low steps and low fills, it acts different.
david elson
4 years ago
@ L A.... your wish is my command... haven't done anything else to it... hope is ok..
4 years ago
This thing is great! Good job David Elson Can someone please explain to me how to add midi out? I want to trigger a drum rack in Ableton.
Sven Kretzschmar
4 years ago
Total inspiring and creative tool. Absolutely great !! Thanks David. It's just amazing what you can do. Sven :-) 1000 x thanxs
david elson
5 years ago
@Chris & Boris: is already saved as R5.9.4 @Nadine: thanks, i seen your work and is great but i haven't played with it yet.... no time and the blocks framework is doing my head in at the moment... yes i tried other versions and they all did the same, and spectacularly so when randomisation is used so i will get around to yours and maybe update this... :)
Nadine @ NI
5 years ago
David, the visualisation bug you mention...I had the same thing and fixed it in my version euc sequencer: https://www.native-instruments.com/de/reaktor-community/reaktor-user-library/entry/show/9279/ Version 1.1: - Fixed an event order problem in the Sequencer View/Display, which is present in ALL other versions of this Sequencer in the User Library. - Previously under certain circumstances, the settings of the Steps, Fill and Shift parameters would display the wrong number of filled squares.
Boris Hauf
5 years ago
hey, any chance you can save it as R5 ens. thanks
Chris Townend
5 years ago
wont load into the current version of Reaktor - keeps saying its a newer version and cant be opened?
Nadine @ NI
5 years ago
Great work! Love this
Paul Weber
5 years ago
Dual Euclidean = 2x good :-)) !!
Thomas Helzle
5 years ago
AWESOME Thank you very much David!
yannick Le Déan
5 years ago
Thanks, love it
Greg Killmaster
5 years ago
I've dreamt of this :). Never thought I'd see it. Thanks so much for it! very amazing.