Euclidean Rotator

Euclidean Rhythm Algorithm Block

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November 04, 2015
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Its a rhythm generator, a modulator, a weird oscillator, a bit shifter and maybe much more.
The Block, some example ensembles and a PDF manual are included in the download.
All files are also available on github :

V1.1 Includes a fix for the reversed shift bug.

Added Snapshots input and mapping controls.
Added OUT option to control how the output signal responds to parameter changes.
Full details are in the included manual.


Ken Kovach
1 year ago
Great instrument, very nice update!
Worwell _
1 year ago
Thank you. The manual is a great touch.
Len Sasso
1 year ago
V1.1 - Wonderful, Thanks!!!
Paul Weber
1 year ago
Heilige Kuhe!!!!!!
santiago vilanova
1 year ago
Hey Martin, i just added some new features to the euclidean generator, take a look: couldn't figure out how to draw the accents in the GUI... maybe you can help with that? thanks for the extended development of the eucliden generator... it rocks!
Martin Wood-Mitrovski
1 year ago
thanks for the info, i'll check it out and get it fixed.
Len Sasso
1 year ago
It seems that shifted patterns often don't match up with the output. For example: Fill=4, Step=16, Shift=1 plays as a shift left, not right. For 16 steps, this happens only with odd shifts.
Fedor Mihailovich
1 year ago
Excellent implementation & very nice examples of possible usage! Thanks a lot, Martin.
Worwell _
1 year ago