workshop for noobies and experts

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9.1 (Updated 3 years ago)
November 10, 2015
Reaktor 6


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I think you are a user of REAKTOR 6 and you are a noob. You are fascinated by the wonderful REAKTOR blocks library and have created some nice first ensembles! :)
Yes and now you are excited to do the next step: create your own blocks!
And you have a look into the structure and you are thinking: what the hell is this?
Oops, first a nooby and ever a nooby?
The next step isn’t to build your own blocks, because those are very special and ambitiously programmed. The next step is to built some ensembles! But where to start?

So this workshop is made for those who are interested in building own macros, instruments and ensembles, starting from scratch. I think there has to be a motivation, so that’s the idea of REAKTOR RIDDLES.

I will create from time to time some simple riddles and a simple solution. The solution will follow a few days later with hints and explanation and some extensions.
ciao herw

2017-03-21 v9.1 added
- goom 2 (REAKTOR RIDDLES 9.1)

2017-03-07 v8.4 added
- solution for REAKTOR RIDDLES 8_3
- goom 2 (REAKTOR RIDDLES 8.4)

2016-10-27 v8.3 added
REAKTOR RIDDLES.pdf (update) and .doc-file
- goom 1.ens (solution for riddle 8_2)
- riddle_8_3.ens

2016-09-30 v8.1 added
REAKTOR RIDDLES.pdf (update) and .doc-file
- riddle_8_1.ens

2016-09-19 v7.5 added
REAKTOR RIDDLES.pdf (update) and .doc-file
- PF_event_bus_4.ens

2016-06-11 v7.4 added
REAKTOR RIDDLES.pdf (update) and .doc-file
- PF_event_bus_3.ens
- PF_event_bus_4_riddle.ens

2016-06-03 v7.3 added
REAKTOR RIDDLES.pdf (update) and .doc-file
- PF_event_bus_2.ens

2016-04-30 v7.2 added
REAKTOR RIDDLES.pdf (update) and .doc-file
- PF_event_bus_1.ens

2016-04-19 v7.1 added
REAKTOR RIDDLES.pdf (update) and .doc-file
- riddle_7-2-eventbus2.ens

2016-04-15 v7.0 added
REAKTOR RIDDLES.pdf (update) and .doc-file
- riddle_6-4-bundles-solution.ens
- riddle_7-1-eventbus1.ens

2016-04-06 v6.4 added
REAKTOR RIDDLES.pdf (update) and .doc-file
- riddle_6-3-bundles-solution1.ens
- riddle_6-3-bundles-solution2.ens
- riddle_6-4-bundles.ens

2016-04-06 v6.3 added
REAKTOR RIDDLES.pdf (update) and .doc-file
- riddle_6-3-bundles.ens

2016-03-12 v6.2 added
REAKTOR RIDDLES.pdf (update) and .doc-file
- riddle_6-2-bundles-solution.ens
- riddle_6-2-bundles.ens

2016-03-01 v6.1 added
REAKTOR RIDDLES.pdf (update) and .doc-file
- riddle_6-1-bundles.ens

2016-01-31 v5.5 added
REAKTOR RIDDLES.pdf (update) and .doc-file
- riddle_5-3_microtuning.ens
- riddle_5-3_scales-solution.ens

2016-01-31 v5.4 added
REAKTOR RIDDLES 5-4.pdf (update)
- riddle_5-2_scales-solution1.ens
- riddle_5-2_scales-analysis.ens

2016-01-16 v5.3 added
REAKTOR RIDDLES 5-3.pdf (update)
- riddle_5-2_scales-riddle.ens

2016-01-08 v5.2 added
REAKTOR RIDDLES 5-2.pdf (update)
- riddle_5-1_pitch_tracking-solution.ens
- riddle_5_extra.ens

2016-01-05 v5.1 added
REAKTOR RIDDLES 5-1.pdf (update)
- pitch-tracking.mp3
- riddle_5-1_pitch_tracking-riddle.ens

2015-12-29 v4.2 added
- REAKTOR RIDDLES 4-1.pdf (update)
- riddle_4_accuracy_of_calculations.ens

2015-12-23 v4.1 added
- riddle_4_oscillators1-solution.ens
- riddle_4_oscillators1-extra.ens

2015-12-16 v4.0 added
- riddle_4_oscillators1.ens

2015-12-06 v3.2 added
- riddle_2/R2 user Solution.ens
- riddle_3_2.mp3
- riddle_3_3.mp3
- riddle_3_LFO reset.ens

2015-12-06 v3.1 added
- riddle_3_solution_1.ens

2015-12-02 v3.0 added
- riddle_3.mp3

2015-11-29 v2.2 added
- riddle_2_solution_2.ens
- riddle_2_events.ens
- riddle_2_extra.ens

2015-11-25 v2.1 added
- riddle_2_solution_1.ens

2015-11-21 v1.2 added
- riddle_1-1.ggb (GeoGebra-file)
- riddle_1_solution_2.ens

2015-11-12 v1.1 added
- riddle_1_solution_1.ens

2015-11-10 v1.0
- riddle_1.ens
- riddle_1-1.mp3 - riddle_1-2.mp3


Jean-Pierre DEVIN
4 years ago
It looks really great ! I AM a(n) (old) noobie who always thought Reaktor was for Reaktor Powerusers who were part of a secret Illuminati-like Society (including NI Team which never put out a decent tutorial/manual on how to use its product). Hope I can be part of the trip now !
Bokeh Dreamer
4 years ago
WOW! It's so great to see some taking up the torch on this type of thing :D Bout TIME \o/ THANK YOU SO MUCH, and keep up the great work!
Javier Guillén Conesa
4 years ago
Thanks a lot for doing this Herw! This is an absolute must for noobs like me! Much much appreciated!!
5 years ago
Hi Justin, as a mac user i didn't know about the DS_STORE file. I read that you shouldn't remove it because you lose the folder structure.
5 years ago
Woah... I unzipped the archive file a second time and everything appeared. I must have removed the DS_STORE file. Thank you.
5 years ago
Not seeing the mp3s anywher
Brett Lavallee
5 years ago
Thank you very much.
Norman Maldonado
5 years ago
Amazing, im checking everything on the forum, this will really help me!! thank you again, greetings from Mexico :)
Dominic Main
5 years ago
Great idea! Will give it a shot :)
5 years ago
thanks for downloading and voting :)
Phil Durrant
5 years ago
Thanks, Herw - this is a great initiative.