Insect Invasion

Sounds from The Golden Burrow

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November 13, 2015
Reaktor 6


The year was 2030 and as the humans were still busy squabbling between each other... The Great King Weevil Bug was poising for an Earth take over.

As the Great King Weevil Bug laughed at the oblivious humans arrogance... they were blind, they were already surrounded, and they were vastly outnumbered... and what were the Nano-tech Corps thinking tampering to make bionik bugs in the lab?

Fools! no Insect would ever pledge allegiance to those pinksnouts. Of course all modified insects would return to their true leader and with great honor reveal all the humans knowledge.

Too long the Humans had been top. Now it was time for change. Preparing for an insecto-shock - King Bug initiated upgrades and unleashed the 'The Locust Swarm' led by the Kamikaze Chaos Cicada.

2 years on, wave after wave of crop destruction had brought a swift end to all that was, with little or no human survivors, and minimal Locust casualties.

Triumphantly the Insect Lords took claim to the mighty throne and commenced plans for their future. First they designed and build the eight wonder of the world... The vast and beautiful Golden Termite Burrows of Bugdom, which became a shrine visited annually by all bugs in their trillions in honor of their Great Victory...

and inside the Golden Burrows was a totally bugtastic instrument...

+ 8 Logical Chaos Cicada's
+ 8 Dusty Leafhopper's
+ 8 Crackle Bee's
+ 4 Noisy WaterBugs
+ Driver+ Rounds
+ Wavetable Dist with low pass
+ Quadrature (mod A. effects the 4 banks of bugs, mod B is spare)
+ The Bento LFO mods the Quadrature
+ the Flying Bugs are selectors sweeping through the 8 different Banks of Bugs
+ these are then flying down to the lower 4 Crossfader Bugs
+ The Big Purple Round thing is a Stutterer
+ 100 presets
+ GEN mode, Flying Bug Automation ON/OFF, Random FireFly
+ 40 cpu%

INSTRUCTIONS - start clock...record output.

There is a soundpack 'Insect Invasion' of 100 oneshots from this ensemble available aswell.

Much thanks again to the fantastic EuroReakt Blocks from Michael Hetrick.. and all the NI bits... and the Flying Bugs are fuelled with a 4 way geiger randomation by Rachmeil. The stutterer, i totally forgot where that macro is from. cheers All!


Szentpétery Csaba
4 years ago
Very exp!
Brett Lavallee
6 years ago
6 years ago
Ok! got the updated ones now... yeah when i run at 96khz it pitchs up the frequency of the whole ensemble. thanks for the info... i'll update soon cause their one technical bug to fix and one or 2 improvment to make aswell.
Michael Hetrick
6 years ago
Hi Cal, as a heads up, most of the chaos Blocks in this ensemble had a flaw where the frequency of the generators would increase with the sample rate (i.e. 192 kHz would sound more than 4x higher "pitched" than 44.1 kHz). I've just posted updated versions of all of those. They will now use an internal 44 kHz generator, no matter what the sampling rate is.
Colugo _
6 years ago
this makes me feel like i need to scratch
Brett Lavallee
6 years ago
Pure genius, I love this one.
6 years ago
thanks Michael! glad you like it... yeah, some of the first snapshots i didn't like, so i changed the sound but left the original names ...explains the rather odd mismatches!
Michael Hetrick
6 years ago
I love this. It's quite the granular noisebox! "Howling Fire Ant" does a surprising helicopter impression.