Keith - the Kick 2.10.1

Kick Drum

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2.10.1 (Updated 5 years ago)
November 28, 2015
Reaktor 6


Mean kick drum...
triggered band pass filter
use a limiter - this thing kicks ;)

UPDATE 2.10.1
Improved saturation
Improved trigger logic
Added control for HiPass filter
Added Notch filter
Bigger GUI by Brett Lavallee

Quick one this:
We got the saturation wrong so its fixed now... :)
Brett's done loads more presets - YAY!!!
Brett's put an LFO in for some the presets...

Tweaked Benjamin Poddig's filter - feedback inserted twice, once with saturation
New GUI by Brett Lavallee
Some extra work on saturation section by Benjamin Poddig, Brett Lavallee and myself
Modulation added by Brett Lavallee
Presets added by Brett Lavallee and myself
a good tidy up
FIXED: Will now accept gates and triggers... :)

Replaced the stock ladder filter with Brett Lavallee's Poddig jobbie
much better now
Various GUI improvements...
Saturation Knob - for saturating the output of the filter before the tone section - saturating inside the filter feedback loop kills the decay
Trig+ Knob - this adds gain to the input trigger which overdrives the filter quite nicely
stupid mistake in the trigger logic - the Phase Knob does much more phasey stuff now

Fixed triggering issues - i hope
added switchable MIDI pitch control

changed the band pass filter topology
sorted the trigger logic to give phasey retriggering - 808 style
generally working better...


Michiel Groeneveld
3 years ago
Great kick drum! love it. However, can't seem to configure the controls in ableton except the bitch knob? Would love to be able to configure all controls in ableton to make this tweakable straight from my Push. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? This is possible on all other Blocks I have used so far. Thanks in advance for your help!
Adriano Haveck
4 years ago
Nice one!!! :)
5 years ago
Ah, I had to hook a note-in util to the gate. NM. Sounds great! Thank you!
5 years ago
For some reason I'm not getting any sound out of this .ism file. Am I missing something? 2.2 worked just fine.
Martin Géč
5 years ago
@david : Thanks, I will try it. If anyone has a tip on how to modulate the pitch of the kick evenly with keytracking and A/B mod, it will be appreciated.
david elson
5 years ago
@Martin yes i understand... as the tone is based on filter feedback/resonance it won't track evenly... you can use a+b mod for this...
Martin Géč
5 years ago
@david : Kick sounds awesome! Great tweaks, however it's still not possible to add pitch input, it would be really nice to check out the various pitches without need to tweak the Pitch knob. Thanks!
Benjamin Poddig
5 years ago
Nice tweak on the filter. This kick is pretty awesome. In the forum I have provided you a link for a slightly optimized filtermacro.
david elson
5 years ago
K.. update 2.2 is essential if you want it to work properly Thanks Brett for you lovely GUI and ideas and presets and talking to Benjamin... hopefully that's it until i get to grips with the filter properly... :)
Brett Lavallee
5 years ago
Thanks again for including my additions and my snapshots. It was a great experience helping out with this excellent block!
neil rosson
5 years ago
Well done David + Benjamin & Brett, works brilliantly, absolutely wonderful block to use & hear.
Brett Lavallee
5 years ago
Thanks. All credit forwarded to podding, it's his macro. I just made the Ui.
david elson
5 years ago
@neil rosson there's a thread on the forum. please contact me there with how you're using it. trying to get consistent trigger is proving a PIA
neil rosson
5 years ago
Sounds great. Although It seems to sound completely different without the trig-in?
Miles Davies
5 years ago
Thanks. Useful. :)
david elson
5 years ago
@Martin... will be adding modulation once i got my head around the best ways to scale the controls to allow modulations plus sort triggering out etc.... @Brett... thanks... it is more a test for the filter system at the moment, haven't done any refinement yet... :)
Brett Lavallee
5 years ago
Glad to see you've begun making blocks! I was waiting for this kick, thank you.
Martin Géč
5 years ago
Would be nice to add pitch input. :-)