Molecular Repeater

A buffer/Repeater ens based on the Access Virus Atomizer

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1.42 (Updated 2 years ago)
November 29, 2015
Reaktor 6
Effect Multi-Effect


Made using the Glex Core Cell, this simple Ensemble recreates the Atomizer Section of the Access Virus TI Synthesizer with an added Filter, Delay and some LFO's.
Example of use:
Put it on an audio channel, and then route a midi channel to the Repeater. Now pressing a key on the Keyboard will chop up the incoming audio into Sizes determined by the Key Pressed. At the low end of the Keyboard the slices are Ordered to Sync with the DAW Tempo, ie C1 = 1 beat, C#1 = 1/2 beat D1=1/4 beat D#1= 1/8 Triplet beat etc. When the Speed of the repeats hits the audio range, the Pitch of the resulting repeats is set by the Key pressed. I.e a G3 will repeat the incoming audio at the pitch of G3.
Some time was spent forcing the glex cell to be nice and to play notes 'In Tune', as the usual hz-ms formula's and even the exact numbers were not working. Thanks to Tristan Boyle for helping me work this out.
Personally I have gotten very used to this method for glitching, repeating stuff both in a live setting and in the studio. Being able to both repeat something in Sync and then also play the repeated 'notes' as notes or melodies allows for some truly creative editing and improvising.
The filter and delay both also only function when a Midi input are received(If needed). These are nothing 2 fancy (Added ZDF filters in reaktor 6 for improved FM) and the 2 LFO's are just there to make some simple self automating patches and take it slightly beyond the simple repeater plugin. In vers 1.42 There is now the option to Sync the Loop length to the LFO and Visa versa allowing for some creative patches.
Obviously this is no competition to the ultra mega FSU plugs of today, but I have been using this ensemble for several years, and I have found it very quick to use, and slightly more focused in its use than many multiFX plugins of its kind.


Joona Lukala
2 years ago
Thank you , this is similar to "I wish" from polyverse
Serhat Cagri Toprak
2 years ago
This is inspire us.Thank you Felix.!
Felix Greenlees
2 years ago
Sorry for not replying sooner Jonathan. It definitely works in Ableton Live (just checked). You need to make sure you have created a midi channel and routed the midi from this channel to the correct Audio Channel FX.
Jonathan Richards
2 years ago
Looks like just what i need but for some reason i can only get the filter and delay sections to work in Ableton..
Felix Greenlees
2 years ago
Thanks Jesse! As mentioned most of the work on this was done several years ago, but as I have been working on GUI stuff a lot lately for some new ensembles, I thought I'd go through my back catalogue of ensembles and update them all with some nicer graphics. More to come!
Jesse De Meyer
2 years ago
You put some solid work into this! It looks fantastic!! :)