Polyplex Seq

Very simple step sequencer

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1.0 (Updated 7 years ago)
December 01, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


with MIDI output for driving the Polyplex Drum Sampler

Haben Sie bitte Spass.
didier leboz 2015
for Reaktor 5


Philip (Klaustrostudio)
3 years ago
Thanks Dieter! As always, your creations are useful as well interesting. For those (below) who ask for instructions on how to make this "thing" work, I think that perhaps some of Brent Kallmer's tutorials might be helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xINRksSacUE
4 years ago
How does this thing work?
Niranjan Javeri
5 years ago
Is there a video on how to use this sequencer.Thanks
Ola Sjostrand
5 years ago
Brilliant sequencer for Polyplex, a function that should have been built in of course. I have been having lots of fun with this over the last couple of days!
Sebastian Kurscheid
6 years ago
Nice sequencer - ideal tool to get some inspirational loops out of Polyplex with just the right amount of randomness
Stephen Reid
6 years ago
This is great thank you Dieter. The sequencer is a really nice 'building block' for larger ensembles.
7 years ago
Just ordered Polyplex via Happy-TG offers. So Mr Leboz seq coming right the way! Thanks Dieter.
Paul Weber
7 years ago
GG.G SakabeaT
7 years ago
nice one mr leboz....
Dieter Zobel
7 years ago
set polyplex sample slots from C3 to C4 (white keys)
Greg Killmaster
7 years ago
o yeh! forgot about that. thanks!
Dieter Zobel
7 years ago
without master randomizing (polyplex) no kit variation
Greg Killmaster
7 years ago
This is great! Thank you for this!! Just what I needed. :) Only thing is that I the Kit selection section is not working for me.