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Sparks fly when you visit the three planets in Electrispace

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December 04, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower


This is a collection of 2 synths, and a 3 voice drone machine thing that can receive MIDI notes.

All the 3 ensembles feature oscillators containing some questionable maths in the form of what I call Benders or Wave Benders (WB). The oscillators can sometimes generate what sounds like electrical sparks, and they are also good for creating sounds that sound like they are coming from a damaged instrument.

While creating snapshots for these ensembles my brain started conjuring up an imaginary space containing three planets called JunQ, AntiQ and Dronedahr ("Drone" is pronounced "Drome" as in "Dromedary"). Dronedahr is mostly a desert planet and the only inhabited one. Planet JunQ and AntiQ are uninhabited and contain the remnants of long dead civilizations. Travelers go there to find sounds, basically. So, when you listen to a snapshot, you are listening to sound that has been found there. When you are creating a snapshot, you are visiting the planet and searching for a sound there. I know it sounds strange (no pun intended), but now I can't think of these instruments without thinking about this imaginary space, so I thought I should mention it and provide some context for the names.

Anyway, JunQ and AntiQ contain no effects like delay or reverb, so all the sounds are dry, and I believe this choice have been influenced by this imaginary space, strangely enough. Dronedahr does contain a delay and a reverb, but this planet is also very different from the other two.

All these ensembles use clippers at the outputs. This is due to the questionable maths I mentioned. It's the sparks/spikes that often cause the unruly levels. Without these clippers your mixer level will often clip, even at low levels. It's difficult to figure out the audio level of these ensembles by looking at the level in your mixer, so I suggest you adjust levels by ear.

Some of the snapshots in AntiQ will sound horrible if you play very high notes, ahem. I think this is mostly caused by Ring Modulation (RM) at high frequencies. If you check out snapshot 30 in AntiQ called "Brokener down", it will sound better if you mute SyncRM in the mixer, and even better if you mute Slv2, but it's not supposed to sound good. It's supposed to sound broken, or even more broken. ;)

Two of the three ensembles (AntiQ and Dronedahr) contain knobs from my recently updated Auto Control Collection, so finally I got around to using these things myself. They are used most frequently in Dronedahr. I have included a PDF with an overview of the Auto Control knob used in AntiQ and Dronedahr. Check out the Auto Control Collection for more info on the Auto Controls.

Dronedahr contains some notes and tips in the B view, but the other two contain a rather limited amout of info, but they shouldn't be too complicated to figure out. There is a long info tip for the Repeatable AHDSR Envelope in JunQ. Some functionality of this envelope is clumsily designed and awkward to use, but I left it in there, since it doesn't affect the normal use of the envelope.

As always, feel free to grab whatever from these ensembles or modify them to you liking, and upload your own version.



James Duffett-Smith
3 years ago
This is really lovely.
david jaro
3 years ago
Wow. I really proud of you for putting so much work. If one day we meet I will treat you with beer.
Ukpong Anderson
3 years ago
3 years ago
The monks gift and a piece of Flesh is here: https://archive.org/details/Reaktor6MusicSince11-2015
3 years ago
It was was a nice journey some days vacation on planet dronedahr. Relaxing hours in templuum listening to a ‘jamming’ of three monks playing vacuum cleaner. At the end nearly midnight we meet with some others to a great meal feeding ourselve and the three monks. They give us some samples from the concert for listenings and use maybee in Reaktor? Saying thanks and bye bye in future times.
Christian Huygen
3 years ago
Tribute track here https://soundcloud.com/christian-huygen/murmurs-and-sparks sounds a little like Gyorgy Ligeti actually
John Smith
3 years ago
This is fantastic, I love dirty electric pianos and organs AntiQ really knocks that out of the park! in Dronedahr I'd suggest moving the DRONE ON button because I didn't see it off the bottom of my laptop screen... as I write this I am listening to the entrancing tones of dronedahr... quite nice.
Bob Schrei
3 years ago
Great Droner! Thank You!
Christian Huygen
3 years ago
This is fantastic. Kudos. Beautiful and odd and very musical. Finally, Reaktor ensembles that sound dirty and rusted and broken, and don't always do what you want - they sometimes actively rebel. The knobs turn by themselves. --Once you start tweaking, I think you'll be enchanted. And for Dronedahr, don't forget to press the DRONE ON! button. Great snaps too. Thanks Kristian.
GG.G SakabeaT
3 years ago
WHOA!!!nice to see an old skool crazy machine....;-) make me want to play the last Mass Effect.....