Forest of K'mmaaeitel

3D Disharmony

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December 11, 2015
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Legend had that if the Forest of K'mmaaeitel were ever to be corrupted from its purity all others Forests would fall and the very essence of life itself would be extinguished from the planet.

Jack was not alright... he had been struck by a sudden fever and was feeling close to death. 3 days previous he had entered the Forest of K'mmaaeitel ignoring all warnings. The sheer density of foliage made it virtually impenetrable, but hidden were more sinister deterrents to repel any human that dared to enter.

The Grand Tree of Life was located at the center of the vast impenetrable Forest and was guarded by a wall of Greenwoods flanked by specially adapted Giant Putrid Puffball Fungi with super deadly toxins awaiting their prey...the wisps behind formed an ominous green mist, and Jack turned very pale...

+ Triple Disharmony Engine's
+ Triple Chaos Mod Network
+ 8 way synced cut off wobbler
+ Microwave Scatter and Waveshaper
+ Spektra Channel
+ Random + Zen GEN mode + 100 presets
+ 60% CPU - 44KHz

INFO... the chaos + chaoss macro mods have dual automation. HUMAN + ARTIFICIAL. they can be used simultaniously to battle it out, or individualy. the other controls have only Artificial automation.

The demo tracks are made just with Forest of K'mmaaeitel ensemble

Mega thanks for all the N.I. parts, Michael Hetrick's EuroReakt Collection + the Colugo's Blocks + Sandy's Scatter + C3379 filter + Rachmeil's geiger macro + Thom's auto button!


Remote God
1 year ago
it sounds AWESOME and looks great but it absolutely swallows my CPU (instantly shoots to around 60-70% usage). are there any settings I can use to reduce that, or not really? :)
1 year ago
At this time Nopog wasn't born already.
Jonathan Canupp
3 years ago
Many wonderful, organic, alien sounds coming from this ensemble. I'm always intrigued and excited by your ensembles. Thanks for your many contributions!