A mini version of Monark with blocks

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Maia Dart
1.0 (Updated 7 years ago)
December 19, 2015
Reaktor 6


Basically a mini player of Monark, made with just blocks. It obviously lacks a couple of the features of Monark. This is my first attempt at making anything in Reaktor. Probably not ground-breaking, but definitely fun to play. I hope that you enjoy it if you download it!


CT Blaze
7 years ago
Question: so would it be possible with Reaktor to do your own GUI for Monark to match a certain hardware controller (here: the Roland System-1 synth). If so, I totally have to get into this!
Maia Dart
7 years ago
Thank you for the warm welcome! Just downloaded your blocks and I know already they're gonna be a dynamite addition! I have a million and one ideas for new synths, so I hope to bring some worthy additions.
Brett Lavallee
7 years ago
Great to see a new ensemble builder! I released some Monark themed blocks recently, maybe you could add one of my LFOs! Looking forward to your future uploads.