Quad-Chaos FM Heavy Machine

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December 26, 2015
Reaktor 6


A substantially heavier machine. a nitro system is required. turn the cooling to max... and prepare some speaker melting sounds.

2 FM Oscillators + 1 Complex Osc
4 switchable FLAVORS OF CHAOS + an LFO hooked on MOD A
4 way FM Chaos Switch
ROBO-CLOCK feature (only when the Rounds LFO is active)
Low pass + WaveShaper
Drive, Rez Filter, Meat Verb + Dual Delay
+/- 80% CPU HIT
Random + Gen + 120 snaps

Shout outs to all the U/L builders.. the mighty Hetrick , Lavalee's MetaVerb, various RachMeil macros and all the N.I. stuff...cheers!


Szentpétery Csaba
2 years ago
Good but my i7-2600k is on 85% and above! :O
Andrew Madden
3 years ago
This is crazy!
Jeff Greenlee
4 years ago
"lower? I'm confused.
Jeff Greenlee
4 years ago
Oops! Ok.. I figured it out! So if anyone has their machine "totally shit itself"... This worked for me: choose a Higher Sample rate! One of the rates with "factor" in front. Some worked, some didn't "Factor 1/4 (11024 hz)" It's still monster! 35% CPU.
Jeff Greenlee
4 years ago
Yeah.. Sample rate as low as possible.. 16 gb of ram on my Mac.. It can't handle one second! what is the Monster?
Michael Fitzsimmons
4 years ago
Good advice from Serge! My computer's audio totally shit itself as soon as I hit play :p
Serge GORA
4 years ago
I found by lowering the Sample Rate in Audio and MIDI Settings: good job _
Serge GORA
4 years ago
REAKTOR 6 Process overload with your ensemble, sorry .
Christian Huygen
4 years ago
I woke, having dreamt of a textbook which explained Everything, even the Five- and Seven-Way Interdimensional Selector Buttons, which seem to bend the laws of physics as we understand them. "Is it possible?" I wondered. "Possible that such knowledge could even exist in our human realm?" In the dream it had all seemed so terribly clear. I absently twiddled the Chaos Dial, which was shaped like a small planet, or a biscuit, and hoped for a revelation.