Mount Ginger

Special Martian Mountain Biscuits

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December 26, 2015
Reaktor 6


Its snowing chaos on Mars... here are the latests sounds from Mount Ginger... some very special biscuits were discovered.

A redeeming very low 20% cpu
R6 Wired DWG Osc
Ginger feeds XYS
Rounds LFO, Delay + Comb FX

Cheers ALL!


9 months ago
Hi Cal. I used this and several other ensembles of yours to create the seed sounds which were further processed and then used in the following track: This was very useful, thanks for your work.
Michael Liebner
3 years ago
WTF? I mean that in a good way!
3 years ago
thanks for adding the story!
Christian Huygen
3 years ago
I reached out and took the biscuit that the strange man offered. "Harmless," he said, smiling, or at least I think that's what he said. I bit into it. It tasted dry and red, like ginger, or a nearby planet. Like Alice, I grew larger, or the musical box before me grew steadily smaller, all the oscillators and dials becoming tinier. I bent down to hear - was it possible? - the sound of a tormented almost-violin, appearing and disappearing amidst the chaotic sounds of the circuitry. Mentally I transcribed the notes that spewed forth. It was a 27 note scale, allowing one letter of our alphabet per note; "I AM TRAPPED IN HERE AND TRYING TO GET OUT--" was as far as I got, before taking another bite of the biscuit. "Delicious," I said, to no one, already forgetting the melody I had heard.