Enter the Vosoba Core

Launch Station

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December 27, 2015
Reaktor 6


Enter the Vosoba Core (for humans) has been beamed in from another unknown planet... the search is now on to locate this mysterious inhabited planet... who are these alien beings?, what strange music can they be making?, how did they get R6 Wired so fast?, can they travel?, do they laugh at our puny human electronica?. All will be revealed in the future....

Features: 5 oscillators
+ Double Vosim Stereo Core Experience
+ West Coast Enhancer + Monark
+ Double Crossfaded Logistic Quantized Chaos
+ Logistic + LFO Mod
+ ClkDiv + Triple Sequencer + micro mix
+ Filer, Delay, Verb, Dual-Comb
+ Random All + indy randomz everywhere, Gen Mode, Double Snap Bank
+ Dual function -works also from a keyboard or DAW midi
+ 3 way FM chaos switch
+ Geiger Vortex Launcher + The Vosoba Core Macro

Extra info.
sequence based ensemble - always start clock
The machine loads as default in sequencer mode and all the snaps are made for this mode.
You can switch to keyboard mode and trigger the sequences at different pitches or use DAW midi. It seems to work with about 90% of the snaps, but there are a few snaps that are so deep in the realms of chaos they are unplayable.

The Vosoba launcher is a new feature... its a kind of a random morpher. When launched it will select a random block at a random time and random it a random ammount, it continues this and so after a while the original patch is spacedust and you'll arrive somewhere completely new, but over time, not like instant random... this journey is completely unpredictable. GEN mode is a seperate feature but can be combined with Vosoba launcher....it makes the machine an infinite stream that is continually changing.

Thanks again to the great EuroReakt Collection, and the N.I. parts...top stuff!


Sascha Sachs
1 year ago
I make glitch and noise and what not. I'm simply adoring this!
andre wild
2 years ago
3 years ago
awesome track Christian, its like the Team are tentativley walking into the Vosoba Core with a Geiger counter at the start, then they definitely encounter an alien around 2 mins in...top stuff!
Christian Huygen
3 years ago
A report from the Vosoba Core, posted here https://soundcloud.com/christian-huygen/report-from-the-vosoba-core A team of explorers entered the Vosoba Core with recording instruments turned on. These are excerpts from the raw original recording, no overdubs or additional effects. The team may have passed through a portal to Elsewhere. Guards have been posted to await their return.
3 years ago
thanks, yeah its an interesting way to make an ensemble generative i never tried before. i've not really tested it thoroughly yet, but with care this concept could work a treat...something to look into more in the future....
Christian Huygen
3 years ago
The idea of an ensemble that can gradually tweak itself, parameter by parameter, is something that would never have occurred to me, and something I never would've been able to figure out how to do. It's beautiful. Thanks.