PolyPaul (normal and multi expression)

Some of the new Blocks converted to Modular X

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0.95 (Updated 4 years ago)
January 03, 2016
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Quick and dirty port of the Paul Filter and the Bento Box and Boutique Multiwave oscillators to the great Modular X Framework by Herwig Krass.

Good news: You get the sound of the blocks with polyphony and front panel patching.

Bad news: configuring your own rack is a bit trickier...

Sorry, I did not get around to do any documentation or a lot of presets this time. Please refer to my other modular X stuff or the great documentation of the framework for more info.

There are two ensembles in the .zip:
- normal works like a normal poly-synth
- multi-Exp is designed for the Linnstrument (and should work with the Continuum, the Seaboard,...). Channel 1 gets assigned to voice 1 , etc. This allows polyphonic pitch bending, MW and aftertouch (receives channel aftertouch for each voice). It is set up for 8 voices/channels and +-12 note PB, but you can adjust that (see MultiExp ensemble for documentation).

!!!!!!new in .95:14 bit Version for Linnstrument users. Set Loudness to CC11 and 14 bit and you might get a bit smoother pressure response. It is subtle, but I like it...