GUI KIT Knobs 009 series

Knobs and Backgrounds for your custom Blocks

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1.0 (Updated 7 years ago)
January 08, 2016
Reaktor 6


Knobs and backgrounds.
Copy the main instrument into your project in order to get the images in the drop-downs to replace your knobs.


Ron Steven
1 year ago
I'm at the en of my wits. So I have basically imported your ensemble and have changed the picture of my knobs to one of yours (the metallic ones on your pic here) and then I wanted to add the scale (just for the looks) yet I cant get my knob to sit right in the middle of it, yet when I coppied the whole of your knob into my module and tried it with that one, it did work...they both have EXACTLY the same view properties and obviously image properties yet its like they are on 2 different rasters...the only 2 solutions are either just not going for the scale (which bugs me out cuz I hate having to compromise when I can't find a solution) and the other is to disconnect all my buttons and copy in yours, connect them and manually add the function properties to each single one of them (this solution is an immense hassle because we are talking about 100 buttons here)...if you have any clue why this is happening please let me know...SORRY for the massive text...and THANK YOU FOR YOUR EFFORT IN CREATING THESE KITS, THEY LOOK GREAT!!!!
Andrei Kuznetsov
7 years ago
Amazing job, thank you so very much! ...actually this backgrounds have this nice screws which the background package lacks.
Efflam Le Bivic
7 years ago
Yes i actually updated the background file to 1.01 with all the sizes from 2 width units to 8.
Bradley Gray
7 years ago
Any chance of some different sizes for your backgrounds?