Roland JP8000 Style-Filter

Roland JP8000 Filter

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0.1beta (Updated 5 years ago)
January 14, 2016
Reaktor 5 or lower


Handling like the Original, build with primary modules.
Envelope is not running well (the transit from decay to sustain is hard) but it works.
Please feel free to go on with further engineering (maybe a core version) and publish, THX
The LFO-Depth Knob is without any function so far. The LFO is another module I would like to publish next time (The IN-Port for the LFO is a Receive-in)


christoph b.
5 years ago
Key follow (pitch) is amount of the cutoff... (do not know how to describe, my english is more then rusty). The knob is called K-Track at the Makro
Lowe Zwei
5 years ago
Key follow is amount of envelope follower?