Guillotine 2

Saturation Station

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2.00 (Updated 4 years ago)
January 19, 2016
Reaktor 6
Effect Distortion


This is an updated and improved version of an ensemble I uploaded ages ago.

Its an attempt to recreate some of the fun of Soundtoys Decapitator, and other similar saturation plugins.

The distortion amount is volume compensated which I find helps a lot to keep levels even. I also spent a lot of time tweaking this thing to make sure it sounded good and was useable at most settings.

There are only two saturation 'engines' (selected by the style switch)... but I think they both sound really good. One is the new Reaktor 6 saturator 2, and the other is the old Reaktor 5 tube saturator.

The one knob compressor and bias settings also allow for a range of tones and textures (from subtle to totally mangled).

I hope you guys find it useful when some subtle warming and distorting of audio is required.

CREDIT: Some of Boscomacs amazing macros were used (with his permission). Massive thanks also to Efflam Le Bivic for his GUI kits. The GUI here is using all his work and I am really happy with the end result.

Hope you guys enjoy!

p.s. View B has some hidden controls!


5 months ago
Fantastic! Thanks a lot.
1 year ago
This is awesome!!
ian ainslie
2 years ago
Fantastic little beast. Looks as good as it sounds, too Thank you!
Stephen Reid
3 years ago
Hi Andrej, Thanks for the comments. I'm a Reaktor hack at best... so might not be the best authority on this! You might be able to use an event smoother after every controls output to slew/limit the rate of change... Just an idea though. You can right/ctrl click and select 'show in structure' to view each control. Hopefully someone far more knowledgeable than me will be able to chime in ;)
Andrej Schmitt
3 years ago
Thank you! I love this ensemble! Really versatile! I would love to be able to do clean automation of the parameters though, which is not possible. When using really clean material (extreme case - sine wave) and when moving the main knobs I hear subtle steps in the audio. I guess that's because the knobs control event signals, which are being updated at 400Hz. The key here is using audio smoothers with short transition times, but I am not sure where to put them. Any input?
4 years ago
I think it sounds better than Decapitator. Thanks a lot!
Martin Novak
4 years ago
Great sound! Thank you Stephen.
Stephen Reid
4 years ago
Thanks for the comments guys and I'm glad you like it. Robin; sorry but there will be no R5 compatible version. R6 is well worth the upgrade though :)
jason corder
4 years ago
agreed this sounds super lovely - will be getting allot of mileage out of this one. thanks so much!
Robin Necron
4 years ago
1 is awesome,too bad 2 is only on R6....
brice beasley
4 years ago
This thing is awesome.
4 years ago
Sounds great, thank you very much.