Guillotine 2

Saturation Station

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2.00 (Updated 5 years ago)
January 19, 2016
Reaktor 6
Effect Distortion


This is an updated and improved version of an ensemble I uploaded ages ago.

Its an attempt to recreate some of the fun of Soundtoys Decapitator, and other similar saturation plugins.

The distortion amount is volume compensated which I find helps a lot to keep levels even. I also spent a lot of time tweaking this thing to make sure it sounded good and was useable at most settings.

There are only two saturation 'engines' (selected by the style switch)... but I think they both sound really good. One is the new Reaktor 6 saturator 2, and the other is the old Reaktor 5 tube saturator.

The one knob compressor and bias settings also allow for a range of tones and textures (from subtle to totally mangled).

I hope you guys find it useful when some subtle warming and distorting of audio is required.

CREDIT: Some of Boscomacs amazing macros were used (with his permission). Massive thanks also to Efflam Le Bivic for his GUI kits. The GUI here is using all his work and I am really happy with the end result.

Hope you guys enjoy!

p.s. View B has some hidden controls!


Vitaly Zolotarev
2 months ago
Great one! Thanks.
Stephen Reid
10 months ago
Hey Andreas; just logged into my account for the first time in a while and have seen the comments. I'm working on a couple of new ensembles. Both processors/effects (favourite thing for me to create in Reaktor). One a Tape Mate/Guillotine type combo (with other stuff), and the other something entirely different. Your kind words have inspired me to get these finished and posted.
Andreas Neufeld
11 months ago
great analogue-like distortion, better than many distortion plugins that are for sale. also: :Mr. Reid! If you read this: please let us know if you are still working on something new for reaktor.. we love your work! thanks!
Andrés Andrade
1 year ago
Fantastic! Thanks a lot.
3 years ago
This is awesome!!
ian ainslie
4 years ago
Fantastic little beast. Looks as good as it sounds, too Thank you!
Stephen Reid
4 years ago
Hi Andrej, Thanks for the comments. I'm a Reaktor hack at best... so might not be the best authority on this! You might be able to use an event smoother after every controls output to slew/limit the rate of change... Just an idea though. You can right/ctrl click and select 'show in structure' to view each control. Hopefully someone far more knowledgeable than me will be able to chime in ;)
Andrej Schmitt
4 years ago
Thank you! I love this ensemble! Really versatile! I would love to be able to do clean automation of the parameters though, which is not possible. When using really clean material (extreme case - sine wave) and when moving the main knobs I hear subtle steps in the audio. I guess that's because the knobs control event signals, which are being updated at 400Hz. The key here is using audio smoothers with short transition times, but I am not sure where to put them. Any input?
5 years ago
I think it sounds better than Decapitator. Thanks a lot!
Martin Novak
5 years ago
Great sound! Thank you Stephen.
Stephen Reid
5 years ago
Thanks for the comments guys and I'm glad you like it. Robin; sorry but there will be no R5 compatible version. R6 is well worth the upgrade though :)
jason corder
5 years ago
agreed this sounds super lovely - will be getting allot of mileage out of this one. thanks so much!
Robin Necron
5 years ago
1 is awesome,too bad 2 is only on R6....
brice beasley
5 years ago
This thing is awesome.
Brett Lavallee
5 years ago
Sounds great, thank you very much.