allpass brigade

smear transients! rotate phases! smush peaks! zap!

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tim h
2.0.0s (Updated 4 years ago)
February 01, 2016
Reaktor 6
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so this was "inspired by" a VST/AU/RE and by inspired by i mean nearly identical to. it's a surprisingly simple stack of 64 allpass filters that makes for a, uh, "dispersed" sound ;)

3 knobs, all modulation targets, all rather self-explanatory but here goes anyway: amount is how many filters you're using (0-64), frequency and resonance are hopefully obvious. features "negative" resonance and 2x the filter count of the Name Brand, but is mono as opposed to a stereo effect.

i will readily admit that the method used to determine "filter order" is wildly inefficient and i actually had to remove smoothing from the inputs because they caused 3-4x higher CPU use. they're still "connected" to the {Cx} inputs but they don't output anywhere. hook'em up if you're feeling saucy. if anyone wants to make this, y'know, not embarrassingly amateurish and CPU-greedy, by all means feel free :)

[2.0.0 update 2016-02-15]
i have made this marginally less CPU-greedy, re-enabled knob smoothers (even though modulating amount particularly is kind of a bad idea), completely rebuilt the core filter stack, and added XR freeze to the 2-pole allpass static filter. it sounds exactly the same.

[2.0.0s update 2016-02-18]
a/b mod inputs completely removed and smoothers updated accordingly and hey guess what, CPU usage is 2-3x lower :( this thing sounds horrible when modulated anyway; i mean they're called STATIC filters for a reason :D


Kenzo Cervoni
1 month ago
Really gets that gnarly Kilohearts Disperser sound if you turn the resonance negative, and can go even farther if you crank up the amt. Really great block.